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Human Pregnancy

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I am looking for words of wisdom or just advice.
I am going into the seventh month of pregnancy and I have had it with men and the medical profession. At my doctor's appointment yesterday, I had the nurse from hell in the lab. It was all bad enough to be going through the glucose test, then the nurse who was just getting the hang of drawing blood used me as a pin cushion.
My doctor is wanting me to see a specialist in nutrition to get my weight gain going because I haven't gained enough, but my husband is telling me I am beginning to look a little fat. First of all I have gained 13 pounds. Here are some examples of what my diet consists of. Alot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Grilled lean meat. I am not a bread and butter person and I hate gravy. I would like to know where the problem with my diet is. As far as my husband goes, he isn't a slim person. And for that matter I have a little room to be "fat"(by the way I hate that term). Does anyone have any comforting thoughts or similar experiences? I would love to hear about other pregnancy's to help me feel like I am not hurting my baby by being too "thin" or "fat"
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As long as you are eating properly ( and it sounds as though yo are), I wouldn't worry. I remember my OB bugging me that I had gained too much weight. Most of it was retained water because I lost about 35-40 lbs. in the 1st 2 weeks. I sweated it out at night like you wouldn't believe. As far as your husband telling a pregnant woman that she is too fat, I'll refrain myself on that one!
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I forgot to add the whole water issue. I have had alot of problems with my left leg swelling to the point that I can't get my shoe on. Just one leg. The medical clinic told me it was water retention. Who on earth holds water weight in just one leg. I have not had any other swelling. I am to drink 10 glasses of water a day. I have been doing it, but end up feeling like I should swish when I walk. My appetite is reduced because of the amount of water I am to drink, and needless to say my leg is still swelling.
I am in the bathroom enough as is without having that much water going through me.
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How is your blood pressure? Just be careful with the swelling and BP. I developed Toxemia late in my pregnancy. My hands, feet and face swelled up and my BP, at the time of delivery, was 250/150. Ask your doctor about it. I hate to tell horror stories to women who are pregnant, but it's not something to take lightly.

Good luck hun.

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I am 33 and a half weeks pregnant. I had my doctor tell me a month ago that I was gaining to much weight. I just had a baby last year and did not lose all the weight from that pregnancy. When I went to the first appointment I was 135 and when the doc said I had gained to much I was at 145. How can they say your to fat or to thin? Your pregnant who cares? As long as everything else is good. I have exelent blood pressure and everything else is fine. So don't worry what oters say. My husband tried to tell me I was fat too and well he was sorry he did that! Good luck I know how you feel.
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It sounds like you're doing a great job with watching what you eat. I'm shocked that your husband had the nerve to say you're getting fat when you're 7 months pregnant and have gained only 13 lbs. Let me tell you, I gained 50 lbs with my first child and I lost 55 lbs the first 3 weeks after I had her. I was swelled up like a water balloon. Also, with the swelling, you can get some really strange swelling when you're pregnant. I'm not suprised that only one leg is swelling. When I was pregnant, I had a huge problem with water retention and with my BP. Normal parts of me swelled, but so did strange parts, like my ear lobes. I was not an attractive site, but that's ok because you're having a BABY, the most miraculous thing in the world. Tell your husband and your doctor to bug off!

Also, I know how you feel about the doctor bit. I had a man doctor too and they just don't "get it." Just make sure that you eat enough, drink tons of water, and watch the swelling. You'll be fine, and their opinions don't matter one whit!
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As long as your baby is thriving then nothing is wrong. I'm 37 weeks and have only gained 25 lbs. But with my first 2 I gained 60 and 50, and kept some of it. The less you have to lose in the end the better! As for your husband saying your fat, thats just wrong. Even with my first 2 when I really was a cow my husband kept telling me how beautiful I looked, and that I looked even more beautiful because I was carrying his baby! But I know I was a cow!
I hope you can get that swelling down, that must be making you real uncomfortable. I hope everything goes well.
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From what I've read the recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 14-30 pounds. Considering you still have 2 months to go, sounds to me like you're one of the lucky ones I have already gained about 20 pounds and I'm just in week 16...

The weight gain is not just the baby and the placenta and amniotic sac - you also gain body fat, especially in your hips and breasts. That's prefectly natural.

I think that as long as you have a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetable and enough protein carbos and fat (you should make sure you eat enough fat everyday) you should be doing fine.

Do you take prenatal vitamins? They ususally contain a lot of the extras that you need during pregnancy (esp. iron and folic acid).

I would consider seeing another doctor about the leg, just to get a second opinion.
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I don't think you need to worry about your weight, you are lucky to have gained so little weight and probably you will gain more in the 2 last months...

Take my example, I wieght about 110lbs, during my 2 pregnancy I gained 44 lbs each time... My doctor kept repeating that I had to take care, bla bla... You know what? I was hungry! And I had to eat, I just made sure to eat fresh and healthy stuff. Aftere the babies were born, it took a little while but I regained almost my weight.

it's not important to have a big baby, what matter the most is for him to be healthy, and this has nothing to do with your weight. My cousins had 2 premature twins at 6 months, one wieghed 1.98 lbs and the other one 2.20 lbs. Guess what... it's been 7 years: they are 2 normal beautiful healthy girls...

What I would watch is your swelling and your blood pressure, these could be tricky...

And about your husband telling you you are getting fat... Jeez... Don't take it too seriously, he might be scared too and think of your wonderful baby that's coming: just 2 little months! Relax it's going to be all right...

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Shannon your weight gain sounds right to me. I had five healthy kids and I was very lucky as I could get back into my regular clothes when I went home. I ate very nutritious foods. I am very health conscious anyway. It sounds like you are eating all the right foods and as long as your baby is thriving and you are feeling well then theres no problem.

I would just be very carefull as was mentioned here before about your BP and edema. It is extremely important to have that monitored well.

All the best to you and your little one.
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This site says 25-35 pounds is ideal for women who are neither overweight nor underweight:

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I think your main concern should be that the baby is HEALTHY!! If everything is looking ok with our ultrasounds and blood work, then ignore what everyone says about your weight gain. Your husband should be supporting you, not criticizing you! 13 lbs is nothing. I gained 30lbs with each of my children. And I lost most of it ( although i have gained some back!! ).....and my husband never said anything negative at all. at one point in my second pregnancy, my doctor noticed my weight gain had slowed and he just kept an eye on it to be sure the baby wasn't being malnourished. I am sure you are fine. It sounds as though you are eating very healthy, but I will say if the doctor has a "medical" reason for you to gain more I am sure he/she will give you some good ideas on higher calorie foods. It doesn't mean you have to eat badly, maybe just a few more calories.
Good luck.
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I just read this whole thread, and Shannon.....you are so NOT fat! What is wrong with that Nick?
Shannon is one of my dearest and bestest friends in the world, and I see her almost every day, and I tease her sometimes, (in a nice way...) that it is so totally not fair that she is 7 months pregnant, and still looks better than I do! She has never had an extra ounce of fat on her since I have known her, and even though I can see a little bit of tummy starting now, I would still trade bodies with her in a second!
I think she is one of the most beautiful persons (inside and out) that I have ever met in my life! And lucky me, she is my friend!!

We (her friends) are all so excited about her soon to be new arrival!
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My blood pressure is great. There has never been any comments made about it from any of the doctor's I have seen. From the ultrasound the baby is a little small, but due to the fact that I have a malformed uterus that is expected. It is still being predicted that I will have a baby that weighs somewhere between 6-7 pounds. With my daughter I gained 26 lbs total, and lost almost 15 of that before I left the hospital. Both of my kids will come into the world from
c-section. So I am mentally trying to get ready for that. With Jordan, my daughter, the surgery was a surprise so I didn't have time to think about everything. It just happened.
I need to get past the fact that some days it looks like I am wearing a tree trunk for a leg.
I am happy to say that my husband must have gotten the hint that my weight gain was not something I was going to sit back and let him make fun of. He has shut up about the whole issue since I gave him a book to look over on pregnancy. Some of the poor women in that book gained over a hundred pounds and had tiny litle babies. He found out quick that I may sit down and eat a couple of apples but it is a hell of alot better than sitting down to a whole chocolate cake( although I do have a sweet tooth flair up every now and then.)
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I'm glad your husband has finally seen the light! It's much better to sit and eat a few apples than a cake or so. My first two pregancies I gained so much because I felt that because I was pregnant I could eat whatever I liked whenever I liked. With this pregnancy though, all my friends have taken over my cravings for me, so while they all want chocolate and pickles, I've been eating peaches and watermelon! Good luck in the following months!
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