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Squirt: Teenage advocate?

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I know most of my stories are about Joey, but every once in awhile, Squirt has his moments. My 15-year old son and I were having a big serious talk about homework last night (ok, more like a lecture...I was doing all the talking). Seems he has been putting other priorities ahead of the homework and starting that late in the evening. So, as I concluded my talk with the appropriate amount of threatening and talk of no more excuses, he sat there with the open Spanish book on his lap agreeing to the terms which I set forth, lo and behold, along comes Squirt, jumps up, and promptly sits his fat self down right on top of the open book.

*Sigh, I know what you're going to say......you can't do the homework because Squirt is now on top of the book.

Couldn't have been more perfectly timed.....
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nah the cat was showing your son the importance of getting "into " your studies!
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LOL! Sure your teenage son didn't bribe Squirt to come and sit on the book at the right time?
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Well, now that you mention it, Kellye......I believed Anthony when he said that he had developed a taste for cat treats.
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Perhaps, a little catnip was sprinkled between the pages?
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HA HA HA! Reminds me of when I had trouble practicing my violin when I was a kid because my cat would sit right down on the music!
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Exactly what my cat has done over the years - sits on top of my books - or plays with my pens and knocks them on the ground. Very distracting.
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Whenever Bill is paying his bills, Rowdy sits on his checkbook. when he removes her from that, she moves onto the stack of bills and, from there, to the calculator.
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