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She attacked my mom!

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Two years ago when I worked at a boarding kennel, someone dropped off 3 of the most adorable kittens I have ever seen in my life. We kept the calico and her name is Nella. She has always been a little quirky and we think they were barn cats because of her wildness. She was originally my cat but when I moved back into a dorm for the semester, she obviously stayed with my mom. Ever since I left, whenever I come back, she won't let me even glance in her direction without a hiss or swat. She just suddenly had a total hatred for me. I have tried giving her treats when I come over, tried ignoring her and nothing seems to work. I figured oh well, she's not my cat anymore. My mom decided she wanted her when I moved out for good and since she seemed to only really like my mom, I was fine with it. One day, my mom gave her other cat Emma a bath and Nella did not like it and ever since they cant be in the same room because Nella will just rip her to shreads I swear. She goes out of her way to find Emma and then just jumped on her, when we throw her out of the room she just cries because she doesn't want to be left alone. Then suddenly, she attacked my mom, chased her down the hall and really ripped up her arm and left quit a few deep puncture wounds on my moms arm. I always called her evil because I swear deep down she is, hehe, no I just don't know what to do anymore. This is the first time she actually flipped out and really attacked someone.

I think her behavior is really based on smell. I mean even more so then normal. She must have sensed other smells on me when I came back from school and not recognizing it, she flipped out. Then with the bath thing, maybe Emma's scent was changed and she didn't recognise her as the same cat. But I mean come on, they have been together for about 2.5 years with no problems, they played and wrestled all the time. And both have had baths before this with this reaction. I don't know, the whole attack was frightening to my poor mother and she asked me what to do. I suggested taking her to the vet to get something to calm her down. (among many other things)

Sorry this is soo long. If similar issues as this have been discussed already, I'll find it we don't have to talk about it again. I just wanted to share the story with people who might be interested.

Here are some pictures below of Nella as a baby with her brothers and then grown up. She is really a beautiful cat. And of her now enemy, Emma.
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Jen, I suggest you pursue the idea of bringing Nella to the vet. It looks like there may be something physically wrong with her and it is causing her enough discomfort that she acts so aggresssively to the point of attacking your mom and suddenly turning on Emma who has been her playmate for more than 2 years.
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I would have to agree that aggression is sometimes a response to pain. A vet visit would be prudent. Also check this link out-

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