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The "grouch" room

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Probably the saddest story I'll ever have to tell, or at least, I'd hope so. I work at the local Humane Society, and while I see sad stories, everyday, I think the one I'm about share is the worst I, or the rest of the staff have ever encountered. In October, of 2003, we had some 32 cats in a room which we affectionately named "The grouch room". Here is where we keep kitties who are new to the shelter, sick, shy, scared, mean, or just plain wild. We work with them, a little day by day, and for the most part, we seem to have a very high turn around rate. However, that month was different, really different. The morning cleaning crew had noticed certain cats start to get sick, as a matter of fact, two of those kitties died so suddenly, we had little or no time to react with a counter. A week or so went by, and we figured, we'd lost 2 kitties, of the original 32 in the room, this was sad, but not devestating. We were treating the entire room with Clavamox, wether they needed it or not, hoping to push out what-ever viruses may be in there, out. Sadly though, it wasn't enough, or we didn't do it fast enough. By the end of the month of October, we had to Euthinize the entire room. Xander, Mamai, Lucky and brother, 10 kittens and 3 mommys, Larry, "Big Guy", Boss, and "Maine Coon", "Wild Thing", 2 wild cats, Peanut, and Butter, Sunny, And a few others whose names I no longer remember.
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Hi n0n and welcome.

Must be tough to experience this type of thing. I admire you for working there.
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You have great resolve and great compassion. I am sorry that so many wonderful kitties crossed the Bridge so unexpectedly.
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What a blow when you're working so hard for them!
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The poor babies.

You did your best.
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Oh, how incredibly sad What a blow to all your rescuing efforts. RIP poor cats.
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I'm sorry. I think you must be really brave to face with such things.
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