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One of my kitties has got these fat pouches at the bottom of her belly - right below her belly button. They are on either side of the scar where she got spayed (the scar is barely there now - but you get the idea). She's had them since the spay.

She's a big girl - 10-13 lbs. But she's just a big stocky cat...she doesn't have loose fat, she's just big. I think I read somewhere that this extra fat in that bottom area is common in cats that have been spayed, but my other cat does not have it.

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this?
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It's called a spay sway and is normal after a spay for the cats to get them.
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Thanks, Hissy. I can always count on you to answer!

Will she have that for the rest of her life or does it go away?
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Originally posted by hissy
It's called a spay sway and is normal after a spay for the cats to get them.

* Makes a mental note *
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Originally posted by TinkMinJaz

Will she have that for the rest of her life or does it go away?
Joji has never lost it and she is nearing her 10th year. She's also the only one who has it. In my sig you can slightly see how chubby she is in that area.
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She probably will have it the rest of her life. I have tried to pin vets down as to why this happens- but so far they haven't answered to my satisfaction. If it isn't life-threatening, I guess it just doesn't matter to them. You can decrease it by more interactive play with your cat, or by taking her for walks, or in the case of a cat and owner walking, let her take you for walks. Since my cats go outside and climb trees and run the fields their spay sway isn't as pronounced. The only thing I can figure is some muscle tendons must be cut during the operation and that causes the sagginess?
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I have my own spay sway - when I had my c-section, i have this flabby pouch on my tummy now. I have tried so hard to lose it but I think Hissy is right, they cut some of the muscle tendons that stay in place.
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LOL! Kellye join the club! Even when I had the surgery at such an early age I still have the spay sway!
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Rosie has it, like most women, once she lies on her back it's smooth and flat!! LOL
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I Love it, spay sway
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Hey! What about a neuter sway? I was just going to ask a question about that! I have a neutered male who has a nice large, hanging "sack." Has a little sway too. He's a tiny thing that was neutered at 8 weeks at the Humane Society. Maybe that's it?! Who knows. He's 8 months old now. He's healthy and lean in all ways but "The Sack." We thought he was fat but he just ain't. It is quite a sight though when he's sitting on his haunches and cleaning himself....the "Sack" spreads. You ain't the only ones, Girls!!! LOL!!!! :-)
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Spay Sway and The Neutered Spread LMAO!!!!
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My neutered male has this also...he is not fat either but does have that loose fatty spot...
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hee hee hee, better to laugh than cry kids, as one who has "spay sway" I know, also Butch has neutered spred, ha ha(sniff sniff )
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I love the look of this cat. What is she/he? Looks like a real, wild cat. I love those ears. Please tell me about this cat. Thanks
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Almost all of our cats have this, even the skinny ones. I read about the spay sway in january Cat Fancy, it says that some cats gain weight because of decreased metabolic rate, without a decrease in calorie consuption, which then leads to fatty deposits developing in the groin area. Although some cats just get it because of age. I am pretty sure it can't be reversed, but it says that to prevent it is to keep the cat physically fit and control their weight. I hope that helps?!
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Baileysidney11, Her name is Amber and yes, she is a wild cat. She is a bobcat who is still a kitten. She is 7 months old.
himmymommy, I love the picture of the cat in your signature. That is cool.
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