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Kinda Wierd... Laptop protector?

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Hey folks,

I've lurked around here for a while, posted a little bit, and my girlfriend is always on here looking around.

We both have laptops that we love, almost as much as our cats love them. They love to rub up against them and when we are gone, they love to climb all over the keyboards. We usually put the laptop screen/cover down to prevent them from messing things up, and so we can keep up away messages, downloads, and email programs.

Is there anything to put inbetween the screen and the keyboard to keep it from closing all the way but still keep it open and prevent it from going to sleep.

I figured of all people, other owners with laptops would probably have the best, if not most ingenious, answer.

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Well, I don't own a laptop, but I am so around computers, I have got an idea.

In the locks that are on the sides of the monitor that lock with the keyboard, you can put something in between. No need to cover any keys or key board, just a papel tower or something that will keep the thing from locking it.

I do not know the chances of this working as I cannot test it out, but I hope it works.
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Hmmm...as long as I keep mine plugged in, so the battery wont finish, mine stayes awake, and I alway close is, other wise my 20 month old son will start buying things form e-bay, download thind and send emails! I dont know how he does that he gets to the keyboard he is setting up printers, opening the help windows and such, so I keep the laptop closed whenever I´m not using it, and it doesn´t go to sleep.
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Hmm...wish I knew also.

That's the thing with my laptop also. As soon as it's about one inch from closing, not only does it go into sleep mode, it instantly shuts the internet off.

I find it a pain in the butt also.

But I'm lucky cause even if I leave it open, Whisker's has no interest in going near the laptop.

Good luck. Hope you find a solution.
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Assuming this is a windows computer, you can go into the control panel under "power options" and change the way it behaves when the lid is closed.
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Thanks Talon. I had no idea I could do that. I checked it out and there was the option: When I close the lid of my laptop: Do Nothing. Mine was set at: Standby.

I learn something new every day!
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Just a quick update.

I changed my settings and closed my laptop. No connections were terminated and everything was as is.

Erik, hopefully you'll be able to do the same. And... thanks for asking the question because it helped me out too!
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Worked for me too! Thank you... now only if i could find a way for my girlfriends macintosh to do the same. (We looked in her settings.. no luck)
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