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Animal Control Centers Overflowing With Felines
The number of cats has been climbing at animal control centers in New York City since May, and officials say it has now reached critical mass. To help find the cats homes, the centers are offering discounts on adoptions -- two for the price of one.

The Ortizes from the Bronx are willing to take one cat, a companion for their pet, Grady.

“Grady has a tendency to lay around. We have no children, so we're looking for a playmate for him," said Wilfredo Ortiz.

They'll get a great price -- $50 for a single adoption. That usually costs $135.

New York’s three animal control adoption centers are bursting with cats desperately in need of adoption to avoid being euthanized. To empty the cages, the centers are not only urging people to adopt, but to adopt in pairs.
Please spread the word.

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