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Cat tents?

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I want to get cat tents for my cats. Does anyone have any recommendations of ones that are good? Where did you find them?

I've looked on the internet and there are so many choices, I'm overwhelmed. Any site people recommend would be helpful.

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Depending on what they are going to be used for, several brands are good. I use them when I go to hotels, and I like the Cozy Crate.
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Thanks! Basically I want to put a few tents in my house so that the cats have someplace dark and cozy to hang out. They don't have to be particularly warm since I live in Florida.
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At my local walmart they had a small tent for $8.00 it is red and green and it was in the dog section.

My girls love it. They climb on top and and in it all the time

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I bought one for Em at Walmart. Its black and red check and it washable. He likes it. It didn't cost too much. Under $20.
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I picked one up at our local supermarket - it was a "weekly special" at around $10. JC puts his toy mice in it, but otherwise finds it boring.
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