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Tooth fell out

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Hey it's normal for kittens teeth to fall out right? What age does this happen? I was giving my cat his medicine (liquid antibiotics) and one of his teeth fell out.
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I know kitten teeth do fall out. I remember finding Simon's on the floor occasionally. As for when, I don't know. I think if the kitten seems fine, I'm sure it's normal!
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Ours lost her baby teeth over a weeks time, but I don't recall the exact age.
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Saki lost his teeth around 5 months.. I have one saved
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I believe they lose their baby teeth around 4-6 months.
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I never knew they fell out until a chap in my office told me about his cat!.

I used to search all over for them, but all i found was the odd whisker,and claw sheath.
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I found 2 of Graham's baby teeth this weekend!!! They're so cute! The tooth fairy brought him (and his brother) some wet food as a treat!

Josh and I are very proud parents (=
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aw, i never found any of muffin's teeth, i wish i had one as a memory...
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