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Im so happy!

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We got the ok yesterday from the local humane society to put their website back up it seems who ever was doing it let the domain expire and went MIA , so they had nothing We re registered the domain for them , and started contacting graphic artists , putting out pleas for help on different forums . This morning we have 2 graphic artists willing to help ( For Free ) from as near as in town with us and as far as Australia .

It warms my heart to see how people on the net pull together for a good cause!

TCS should be thanked to , because of what I learned here I decided I had to help , providing the domain, the pictures of the animals and hosting was one of the things I figured I could do . It was the pictures of the cats in a thread here that made me want to do this the pictures were before and after on strays and ferrals .

this might seem silly but a big thank you needs to go to Patches , if we had not met her and taken her in we wouldnt have truly known about the plight of homeless cats and other animals.

Ive learned alot from all of you thank you
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WTG Dana,

So glad it worked out for you. Those before and after pictures are more powerful than words can ever be.
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I'm really glad it's working out, and hope that a lot of animals find homes through your efforts.
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