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I am new to the site and am happy to have met all fellow cat admirers...I am allowed to take care of currently 9 cats....all but 1 were foster rescues......my oldest (mamacat) just passed away from breast and lung cancer in Oct. she was about 15 and had a very rough life before we took her in 5 years ago....she was the reason my husband learned to appreciate cats...we miss her terribly and I go to the back yard and talk to her headstone.....my husband can't bear to go, but he'll come around.....

We are remodeling our house and after deciding that carpet and 9 cats aren't conducive to anything but my vacuuming more (who wants that) we ripped up 3 bedrooms, hallway and living room and laid ceramic tile. Much easier to care for.....now we are planning to enclose the patio under our deck for a cat porch this spring.........I'm excited....

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all....I fostered for a few years and have had experience with FIV, FIP, malnutrition, IBD, ear mites, new babies.....you name it.....I can perhaps be helpful if you're stumped....we can be stumped together if nothing else....

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Welcome to TCS, cineza!
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Welcome to the site! So glad that you found us here!

I'm so sorry to hear of Mamacat's passing over the Rainbow Bridge. Even your short words here show how much she was truly loved.
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and enjoy your stay .

I am sorry of the loss of your Mamacat
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hello and welcome to TCS. I redecorated my floors in wood before my lot redecorated the carpet for me so I know what you mean
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you, your hubby and your furfamily.

Sorry to hear about Mamacat. RIP .
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Hi cineza! Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS! Great to have you on-board.
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