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I'm back!!!

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What joy! I'm back at the computer again !!!

We just came back from the doctor and he said I was allowed to get out of bed and even walk outside. I am supposed to take things easy for a while - no more jeep rides or swimming in the sea. But other than that I can pretty much act normal. We did have to postpone the wedding of course - no trips by plane in the near future - but that is nothing to worry about.

We had another ultra sound check today and the baby and the placenta look great. I actually felt him move for the first time last night so I figured he was okay. I was worried about the placenta though as I'm still spotting. But the doctor says it looks fine and the bleeding must be fro microscopic tears that are not a problem. We now have a 95% chance of carrying the baby to term and we're very excited about it! I will be doing a lot of resting, but as it happens our brand new laptop has arrived today so I can work and be on the internet from bed as well

Well, I'll stop yapping now... It'll probably take me a while to catch up on things over here. Also, I have not seen any emails in the past couple of weeks, so I probably have a 1000 emails or so waiting for me to read. Not to mention updating the site - no rest for the wicked
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welcome back! we missed you!

so happy to hear that everything is okay with the baby
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So glad to hear that everything is turning out for the best. Prayers will still be sent and I'm sure all will be fine. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR AND REST. We miss you but want you and your baby to be well. Thanks to your husband for keeping us posted. He's great.

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Dear Anne :angel2:

It's so good to see that you're up and around; you sound you're having a great day and as it should be! Welcome back

Love, Peace &
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I know the stork's a little early, but he was so cute :laughing:
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Oh Anne I am so happy you are back and doing good. Please dont over do things and mind the Welcome back we missed you!

Love, Meme
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Welcome Back, Anne; We missed you. :pinky:
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I'm so thrilled to hear that you and the little one are doing ok. We missed you a lot around here. Glad you're back!
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I am so happy everything is ok. Just take it easy and rest alot.
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Dear Anne,

I am SO glad everything is okay and that you're back on line!! We missed you and thankful the baby is okay. What went through your mind the first time you felt him kick? Great isn't it?

Welcome back.

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Please just take it easy though. Don't overdo! Please just stay safe, can't wait to read your posts after baby starts getting hiccups...
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It's good to see that you are back and everything is going well! As you can see, you were missed. Isn't it nice to know you are loved by so many!!
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Anne! I've been so worried about! I'm so happy things are ok and that you and baby are healthy. Give your hubby our thanks for keeping us posted. You take it easy now and obey that doctor! It's wonderful to have you back and posting! Can't wait to hear more about the baby kicking and moving.. how adorable.
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HEY Anne!
Great to see you're up and around and ok! I agree with the others, DON'T over do it! Good luck!
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Anne! Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you and the baby are doing great!
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Anne, That is so great to hear that you and the baby are doing ok!! Have you picked a name for him yet?
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This is so cool! I am posting from my new laptop!!! It is literally on my lap while I'm lying comfortably on my back I did get up today and tried to put some order back into the bedroom. Hubby was doing his best, but he's not very good in keeping things in order Anyway, I figured that was enough excersize for the morning and I'm back resting now.

Thank you all for the warm welcome back messages! I missed you guys so much too! It really feels like coming back home after being away for too long.

I wish I could go upstairs to my office and scan some ultra sound pics of the baby. We have some great pictures. It was exciting to feel him moving. I feel like I already know him so well. We've had 7 ultra sound scans so far , and I've seen him move and saumersault and even suck his little thumb! He is quite active - we always see him move and kick and push around - sweet little thing I was so worried about losing this one!

The worst time was a week and a half ago when I had major bleeding and cramps. I was sure it was the end of the whole thing. I have never bled like that in my life, so we had to rush to the hospital just because I was losing a lot of blood. That was really scary. I wasn't worried about myself at all but I was frantic about losin the baby. It was one day after a major half an hour scan we had. We spent the previous day showing the video of this sweet active baby to the family and sorting out possible names... The thought of losing him just then was horrible!

I still can't believe we're over this... I want to thank each and every one of you for all the prayers and positive energy sent our way. You have know idea how helpful that was! I just know it helped create our little miracle and save the baby!

Thank you all!!!
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Really glad to see you're on the mend Anne!! As said so many times before - we all missed you! Im sooooo glad the baby is doing well too!!!

Love to you all
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Dearest Anne :angel2:

Don't forget that our prayers are still with you always! We missed you very much and we were all very concerned. However, we knew you'd pull through this!

Love Always,
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Wonderful to hear that you are okay!!!!
Take Care!!!!
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Congratulations, Anne!! I didn't know you were pregnant. I was so worried something had happened and The Cat Site would be no more! Glad you're OK. Don't work too hard. We'll just keep chit-chatting on the forums to keep busy.
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I am really happy you are well Anne, so is my mum!

Love from Jenna and Felix :flower: :baloon:
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Dearest Princess KittyLove

Sweetest adorable you are! Here's another kitty for you to love, I especially love this one myself

Love, Peace &
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I'm so glad you're feeling better. That laptop is going to be a real blessing.
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Oh thank you Catarina, the kitty is sooooooooooo cute, I hope the kitty had a safe landing ,my mum loves it too, you are very kind Catarina I bet the picture made Anne really smile!Thanks again Catarina

Love from Jenna and Felix :girly2:
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I am running a little late with this - but please know that I am so very happy for you that your baby and you are doing so well. I have missed you and your messages! So - better late than never!!!
WELCOME BACK ANNE... :girlie: :chicken: :egypt: :icecream: :jarswim: :pinky: THE CHICKEN IS JUST BECAUSE.......
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Anne....I just now got to this thread, sorry I am late, but I am thrilled that everything is okay with the baby, and with you!!

We have missed you so VERY much, and all of us have prayed and worried about you!!

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