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Our adventure...

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Yesterday my mother and I were going to Vacaville to meet up with her brother, and on the way there we got lost. We were on an off road and it was dark out, so she went to make a u-turn but got stuck in mud on the side of the road. We turned on our emergency lights and put up the hood of the SUV which had no 4-wheel drive! We stood out in the cold trying to wave people down and after 15 minutes of people zooming past us with not a care in the world, a big truck finally pulled over. Out popped two young men from the airforce, and might I say they were quite cute . They had 4-wheel drive, yet no ropes to pull us. So they went into town and got ropes, came back and eventually pulled us out of the sticky mud. After they totally went out of their way to do that for us, they then let us follow them to where we wanted to go, so we wouldn't get lost again!

This just shows that there is hope for people, I just wish I could have gotten their names so we could let their leuitenants know how much good they had done for us, we truly couldn't thank them enough.
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It's amazing how some people can see you need help but be to consumed in their own doings that they won't help you. Then to think that out of all those self absorbed people come 2 who bent over backwards to help you. You may not be able to tell their supriorer but you can send up prayers for them. Clay walkers song says it best. "Don't let the chian of love end with you." Good song!

Anyway glad to see that someone cared enough to stop and help you out and that you are safe now!
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Please don't feel too harshly, about the people who didn't stop. The "disabled vehicle" scenario is a common one, used by robbers and carjackers. I don't blame people for being cautious.

Its good that those two airmen came along and helped you. This incident does demonstrate a positive aspect of cellphones, though. I can almost always call for help.
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How far were you from the nearest town? The people that passed you by should have at least reported you to a cop to help you.
Well, it's great your adventure turned out okay and you got safely to your destination!
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We were only about 10 to 15 minutes away. I do understand that people use this to steal cars and all that, but what was weird was that once the guys stopped, then people decided they would stop to help as well. The cops didn't do much, one came by and just wanted us to get out of there, didn't bother helping. Maybe he was just having a bad day. But now we will learn to carry tow ropes and all of that just in case!
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