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I need some serious advise.

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A few minutes ago, I just made a MAJOR mistake on PayPal. I went there to make a payment to someone because of a transaction not on ebay. Just minutes before that, I had an ebay transaction with someone else. Anyway, as I was making my payment, I put in the wrong email address. Instead of putting in the email address of the person I wished to send cash to, I put in the email address of the person whom I'd just done business with for an ebay auction. Does this make sence? In other wards I sent money to the wrong person.

The wrong transaction I made was completed instantly, which means I couldn't cancel it or anything. I wrote the person and explained what happened, but what if she won't give me back my money? Is there anything I can do? Or am I just out that money?
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Why won't she give you back your money? All they have to do is hit refund and wah la, the person gets there money back!
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Val, she is projecting, she is saying what happens if the person won't give her the money back, not that she has denied the request.

I had an instance on half.com where I wanted to order a book. Somehow in the ordering I messed up and ordered 3 of the same book. After some searching I found a way to contact the seller and told her about the mistake. I asked her to cancel all the orders and then when it was cleared, I would go back and reorder from her one copy. I finally heard back, the money was put back into our account and I reordered the book and left her glowing feedback.
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Oh crap! I don't know!!! I hope this person is honest and will refund your money!!! I don't use paypal that much so I can't be of much help!
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oh I see, I read it to fast

I don't see why she wouldn't it is not like she will be out any money, paypal gives you seller there fees back when they refund the money,
If they don't and you haven't left them feedback yet you can let them know that you will have no choice but to leave the negative feedback on ebay. I would not tell them that though until after you talk with them.
Also, normally if I notice a double payment from someone I email them and ask about it. Alot of times people pay twice for something with out relizing it.
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I sent her an email, and she did write me back. At first she said, "Oh well, I just made myself some extra money", then she said she was joking and would send me either cash or a check, with the item that I actually did order from her. She said she couldn't refund it via PayPal. I hopes she keeps her word. She lives in the Los Angeles area just like I do, so I could probably track her down. I've ordered from her on ebay in the past, and chances are, I'd order from her in the future. I hope she wouldn't want to ruin the chances of future sales, by keeping money that was purely accidentilly sent to her.
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Go to pay pal client service and file a complaint they will investigate and give you back your funds

Customer Service Center

PayPal Customer Service Agents are available to help you from 6 AM to Midnight CST Monday through Friday, and from 4:00 AM PST to 10:00 PM PST on Saturday and Sunday.

Call us at: 402-935-2050

We may only discuss an account with the account-holder. Please have the following information available when you call:
Your telephone number
Your email address
The last 4 digits of your credit card or bank account registered with PayPal
For security reasons, we must verify the above details before discussing any account-specific information.
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Hope, for your sake I hope this lady is honest and gives you your money back. Keep us posted.
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Hope, I think there's a way you can request the money back via Paypal. I'm curious as to why she says she can't refund it via Paypal. That just sounds too weird. I've gotten all my refunds (plus she can refuse the payment) via Paypal.
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You can also call your credit card company and inform them of the potential mischarge. You can get the charge stopped before the woman receives the money.
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According to my account on PayPal, she got the money instanly. It said it was a completed deal. I'll see, when she sends me my pony. It should arrive either Monday or Tues at the latest, as she is in the Los Angeles area, just like I am. I've purchased Ponies from her before so I hope she wants to keep me as a customer, as well as get good feedback from me. I hope she gives me back the money, and I agree, I don't know why she can't refund me the money via PayPal, but maybe she doesn't know how.
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If she hasn't shipped your item yet I would tell her that you would prefer a paypal refund. All she has to do is veiw the transaction and that at the bottom of the screen it says refund. It will also refund the fee that paypal charged also, by not doing that way she is losing.
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