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Any Super Bowl cat stories?

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In honor of the Super Bowl weekend coming up, we thought it might be fun to see if any of you have a Super Bowl cat story to share.

We will start it off with a tale of one of the very first Super Bowl games (mumbledy) years ago, when we shared our lives with a beautiful pair of Blue Point Siamese siblings. They were named "Ruffles" and "Flourishes," aka "Ruff" and "Flo," which we thought fitting since we lived just down the road from the White House, and their Mom and Dad were named "George" and "Martha." If there were ever a pair of cats who had been humans in their prior lifetimes, before moving up the evolutionary scale to become Siamese cats, it was Ruff and Flo.

Ruff was a large, handsome, proud and not-too-very-smart male. He would stand tall on the floor during dinner time and pat you on the shoulder when he wanted a treat, which was most all the time. Flo was a sweet little quite intelligent female who you seldom knew was around. Flo spent most of her life snoozing, purring, charming everyone in sight, and taking care of Ruffles.

Anyway, came the Super Bowl, and all the world stopped for a few hours. This was well before the day of transistorized TVs, and they got rather warm. As you might guess, when it was turned on Flo's favorite snoozing spot was atop the TV. Our TV at the time was turned on or off by pulling or pushing a button on the front. We suspect that many on this list have never seen a TV which did not have a remote control. :-)

Time out and 6 seconds left in the 4th quarter! Our team has the ball on their opponent's 40 yard line, 4th down and 10 to go! The opponents are ahead by 2 points! Our team lines up on the line of scrimmage, the center snaps the ball back, the field goal kicker takes one step forward -- and Flo stretches and hops down to the floor, first taking a step on the On-Off Switch, as was her habit, pushes it in and -- A BLANK SCREEN AND SILENCE!

Flo survived the experience, but it was a near thing. Next year's Super Bowl saw Jim put a small portable TV on top of the larger set, turned on throughout the game -- just in case.

All the very best to you good people, and enjoy the Texas Super Bowl this year!


Ann, Jim, Miss Kitty, and, soon, Samwise, on a Texas beach
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That is a great story!!! I don't have one, but wanted to applaud yours!
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LOL! Go Flo! Great story, thanks for sharing-
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OMG that is to funny , thanks for sharing with us .
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I have a dog story. My baby girl misty was born on superbowl sunday 2001! Her mom was founding wondering the streets and a nice lady from the spca took her in. She had the puppies just a few days later during the superbowl! My little misty and brothers and sisters were all the the paper. There was thousands of apps to adopt them. I saw her on petfinder and had no idea about the whole tado until after we had went in and picked her So she is our little super bowl baby! So we celebrate her b-day on super bowl sunday. She is getting a nice igloo dog house this year (shhhhhhh)
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