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Pet Custody Battles

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Very interesting article on cnn.com about this issue and how it is affecting the status of companion animals.


Would you sue for custody of your animals?

I know I would!!
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I would if it was my ex husband , with Gary I would try to work out something because kittys suffer when theres family conflict to
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I signed JCs adoption papers, so I assume I wouldn't have to. There's also an interesting article on cats' legal status in February's "Cat Fancy".
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I would definately do anything to fight for my babies.
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Definitely I would fight for my cats! But IMO in these cases, I believe one of the parties is just out to hurt the other one and has no intention of caring for the animals.
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It would depend on which of us was in a better position to care for them. I love my furkids, but if I were not in a position to care for them, I would let him. I know he loves them as much as I do, and would take good care of them.
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if it came down to my Willow I would most assurededly fight for her. She's my baby after all! Runs from my b/f when he trys to pay attention to her. Blade on the other hand can take me or leave me so I get Willow and b/f would get Blade.
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It was my boyfriends idea to get "Rosie".

When we split, the first thing most people said was," what are you both going to do about Rosie? ".

I bonded with her the most, as he worked all weekend, and the thought of us fighting over her never came into my head!, but as i said to everyone, "She's mine, and the day he gets her will be when hell freezes over"!!!!.

He would'nt of dared!!!!. "Hell hath no fury as this scorpio woman scorned"!

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There's already been a few pet custody battles in Australia. They're on par with child custody cases with the amount of emotional betrayal and turmoil. If things were to end between my fiancee and I, we would do what was best for our cats rather than argue.
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