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Cats and Water Beds Don't Mix

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So I have a water bed...I love my water bed...and I thought everything would be fine with my Nessa and the water bed. She wasn't clawing at it or anything and she's been sleeping with me since I brought her home. But I should have known better...Something told me, cats and water beds just don't mix. I came home Friday night exhausted from being sick for most of the day and I just collapsed into my nice warm water bed and snuggled up under the cover. The next thing I know I'm soaked with water on one side. I jumped up and frantically took all the covers off the bed. There were about 20 claw marks spread over my queen size water bed. I know have patches everywhere on the water bed. It's quite funny looking at it now but it wasn't so amusing last Friday. Now everytime I lay down I check the bed for leaks lol.
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Nessa is a hoot! Be careful so you don't flood your home!!
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OUCH!!! That happened to my friend's brother.
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Oh nooo

I knew a lady and she had a water bed and 3 cats . She used heavy blankets on top of her water bed so her cats could not claw in to the bed .
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Wet reminder to regularly trim Nessa's claws!
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When my ex and I had a waterbed, we used an egg crate mattress pad. Kept us warm and precluded cat claw leaks.
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Hmmm...I've had a waterbed for 26 years -- as long as I've had cats. It was a concern, and when I bought the bed, I asked the salesman about it. He assured me that all you needed to do was make sure that the cat never saw the bare mattress -- especially if it needed to be burped and bubbles were visible. Made sense.

So, when I change the beds (we now have two), the bedroom door is CLOSED -- no entry to pussycats while this operation is going on. Otherwise, they have full run of the house, including the waterbeds, whether we are present or not, and we have had exactly no trouble. The cats love the waterbeds.

For what it's worth, we have a sheepskin (which doesn't really fit) on the mattress, then the mattress cover and the bottom sheet, and over the top sheet only a comforter, so no heroic measures.
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Yeah I had suggested to my B/F that we should put an egg crate foam thing on the bed a while back, but Nessa got to the bed before we got to the egg crate foam lol. I try to keep a heavey blanket on it and there was one on it last week when she clawed into it. She must have been doing some heavy duty clawing. Maybe she was trying to tell me something lol
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LOL. We discussed getting a water bed, but decided it just wouldn't work with JC. He's constantly trying to discover what is under the mattress of our bed, and manages to pull up the corners of the fitted sheet all the time. I could just picture him playing with the adjustment valve and flooding the bedroom.
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I had 11 cats and a king size waterbed for 10 years. I put 3 blankets under the mattress pad, then sheets and top blankets. They only managed to claw thru it once, about the same time that they left us a mouse in the bed. They were locked out of the room whenever the mattress pad and blankets were off for washing.
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