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Marking behavior

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I was wondering if anyone has used Feliway to help stop marking behavior in cats. I know my Pete is OK because he has been vetted, but he is low man on the totem pole and the youngest. I know he feels insecure. He has been wetting or marking on my bed off and on for about a month and I saw an ad for Feliway and wondered if anyone has used it and has it worked. Thank you for your help.
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Feliway works wonderfully for most people. However, it typically takes more than just Feliway to stop this behavior.

Please click here for additional things to change that will help stop your cat's inappropriate behavior.

Good luck!
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Thank you very much, all of you. (This is the human) I also feed feral cats outside, one of course is a male and the other members are his family/harem. I never thought about Pete marking could be due to outside activiity. Maybe I should move the feeder and waterer to another safe place and get it away from the house. Also, thank you for the citrus idea, that will work better on the bedding than the Feliway. Thank you very much. I appreciate all the help.
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I hope these ideas work for you!

Also...I'm glad that you are taking care of this colony of ferals. Are they spayed and neutered? If not, we can help you figure out how to trap-neuter-and return them so that they don't proliferate!
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No they are not spayed or neutered. I can't get near them. They will stop and listen to me tell them that they are beautiful and they will follow me as I put the food and water down, but I can't pet them or get near them. I feel so sorry for them and I wish something could be done. I have been told that I AM the problem because I am feeding them, but I couldn't sleep at night knowing that they were hungry and thirsty. I know I'm foolish, but I love cats.

Any help or suggestions that I could get to catch these and get them fixed would be gratefully appreciated. I have grown very close to these Ferals, and in these days seeing how some can abandon their children, what a lesson it was to see DaddyCat and MotherCat sharing the duties of bringing the young ones to feed and water morning and night, and then escorting them back home to safety. I learned a lot from these babies. Any help would be much appreciated.
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You are a lucky person because you live in Arizona. This means that AzCats is around to give you a hand. Since its inception in 1999, AzCats has trapped, neutered, and returned 14,410 feral cats!!! Their mission is to care for the feral cats of Arizona.

Please go to AzCats' web page http://www.azcats.org/
You will find a link that tells how to contact them. They will be able to hook you up with a feral friend who can help you trap and neuter your little feral colony. You will feel so wonderful and the lives of your ferals will be so much better once this is done!

In the meantime, please come visit the Strays and Ferals Forum here at TheCatSite.
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Just thought I would let people know that the Feliway seems to have helped out a great deal. While I still will not allow Pete in the room if I am not there, all the cats are allowed in at night while I am watching TV or reading. After a while, they all kind of filter out and Pete has not "marked" my bed in two weeks. This is good. So, maybe the behavior will be "forgotten" and I won't have to worry about it. I am still going to be very, very vigilant, though.
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I'm glad the Feliway is helping. And...I'm glad you caught the first of your feral family!
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