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gill hates plants!

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I've never used this before. My friend introduced me to this site when I first got my kitty. He is Gillmore Bandit, a siamese/ragdoll mix. He is only three months old, still clawed and too young to fix yet. Gill is very hyperacive, hates authority, and loves the water bottle, and plants. He's destroying all the house plants, I just need a little help trying to make him calm down. He has two friends he can play with at night (two female cocker spaniels at least 5-6 years old each). I'm just afraid he sleeps too much during the day and is therefore extremely active at night. I don't know what to do, since he loves the water bottle. Please help before all of the plants are completely ripped and chewed to shreds.
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Try spraying the plants with Bitter Apple. You can get this at WalMart or any pet supply store. It worked wonders with my cats.

You might also get some toys he can play with my himself...turbo cat is a great one for kittens. It is a plastic ring with a ball inside. The kitten will chase the ball around for hours trying to figure out how to get it out of the ring.

Good luck with your wild child!
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Hi gilmorebandit:angel2: (I wish I knew your name)That would definitely be my suggestion...did you say he loved the water bottle as in loved to being sprayed!? You've got quite a kitty there! Can you post a pic when you get a chance, I'd love to see this little guy!

Love, Peace &
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Most kittens 3 months until 8 months are pretty hyper. It is their nature to run a muck. First you need to check and make sure none of the housplants are poisionous to cats. The bitter apple will work if he is chewing on the leaves. If he is playing with them, I would try the easiest way which is to put them out of reach. To keep cats out of things you can fill a can with pennies and drop it when he gets near it. Cats do not like loud noises and will generally run. You can also say NO at the same time until he assoiciates NO with a loud noise.
I would also like to add that it is best to keep Gilmore with claws. Declawing is very painful and can be avoided. With training and regular clipping of nails, there should not be a problem with him keeping them. In order to declaw a cat, they must amputate the first knuckle of every finger. Please take the time to read this article.http://www.listnow.com/helpingpaws/a...rticle_87.html
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Hi there! :angel2:

You never happened to mention if you had luck with your little Gilmore! He sounds gorgeous and he's just a kitten. Can you let us know how he's doing...the little water monger :laughing2..

Love, Peace &
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Thank you for all of the wonderful advice. We went with the pennies in a jar and saying NO. Gill finally understands that plants are no fun. Although I think I'm still going to get the citrus spray just to be on the safe side when we're not home. I'm still working on a cute picture for all of ya. Thanks again, for letting the little angel shine through my fluff ball!
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Dear Crystal :angel2:

Wow, what great news! Good job! I just have one question for ya...How did Gilmore Bandit get such a name???

Love, Peace &
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Gill's real name is Gillmore Bandit Focker. Gill after the town we got him in (Gilminton). Bandit because his face looks like a raccoon, and later we found out he's just as sneaky. Focker (just like it sounds) because my boyfriend and his parents LOVE the movie Meet the Parents, with Ben Stiller. But we call him Gill, or if we're really upset with him little focker. Thus the history of Gill's weird name!
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Hi Crystal :angel2:

That's one of the funniest things I've read all day!!!! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2::laughing2

Give the little focker a for me! :laughing2

Love, Peace &
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