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Heeeerrrreee's ROSIE!!

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Here is Rosie, owner of Susan, a.k.a. RosieMac.

Isn't she just GORGEOUS?!?!?! I am so in love with her!

EDIT: If these show up as the dreaded Red X - see Page 2. I'm going to attach the photos there.

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Very cute she looks like she likes having her picture taken
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Oh Heidi, what a little doll you have. She is stunning!!

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Look at that face-it just asks for kisses!
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Thanks for doing it so quickly Heidi!.

It takes me ages Jeepers to get a natural one like these, she normally makes 'chattering' noises when the cameras on her!.

Could'nt you blow a big raspberry on her fluffy belly!!

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Sorry, Heidi,

Meant, Congrats Susan. She really is beautiful.

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What a cutie!!
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She looks like a real HAM - what beautiful colors she has. COngrats and she is just gorgeous!
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She's beautiful!
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Aww... look at that cute little nose!
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What a beautiful cat.
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she is soooooo beautiful
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Susan, your Rosie sure loves to pose for pictures! She's a beautiful kitty!
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She's a sweetie, all right!!
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Thank you everyone.

I'm already proud of her, but all your lovely comments has made me even more proud!!.

I love her to bits.

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Aw Susan, thanks for sharing your pics of Rosie, she's really lovely!!!

And she knows how to pose for the camera - WHAT a sweetie!!!
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Awww...could 'Rosie Mac' be my 'Faline-ie Tortellini' sista??
What a Ham and Q.T. Pie she is
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She could well be Anne!!.

All 3 of your babies are beauties!

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I can't see her picture. only in your siggy she's cute but I wanna see her bigger, anyone else having probs?
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Working on it....
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Rosie is a beauty! I love her colors.
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There seems to be problems with the linking, so here's Rosie again!!
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Last one!
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Aww! What a princess, she's GORGEOUS!

Thanks for attaching them Heidi
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Aww look at that pretty belly!!!
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She's very cute. But she has a black nose. Did you punch her in the nose or something?
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When i got her, i had'nt even seen her!. I just got a description of her over the telephone which described her as a 'Torti' with a black smudge on her nose as if it was just painted on!.

That did it for me, i said keep her i'm coming straight over for her!, and the rest is history!.

Everyone comments on her nose!.LOL


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Looks like someones been sniffing paint. seriousely though that's the cutest place to have a black smudge!
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