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Just wanted to thank everyone for all the advice yesterday about my new kitty that won't stop crying. I got home from work yesterday and gave him lots of attention. I also did not pet him when he was whining at me but rather when he was quiet. We finally got some sleep last night. I put on some classical music for him and he was quiet all night. It was a dream come true. This morning I brought Mufasa upstairs to slowly start introducing him to my other 2 kids. I am so happy right now and hope it will only get better. When the spring comes I know he will be yearning to go out, but I am just overwhelming him with love so he won't miss the great outdoors.

Everyone have a great weekend. I am really glad I found this forum. I sit at work and can't talk about my animals because everyone thinks of me as the cat lady. To bad I like my cats more than the backstabbing corporate people I work with.
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So glad to hear everything is going better for you. Lack of sleep doesn't help things either, when you're nervous to begin with.

When we first got our dogs (at 8 weeks old), I swear we didn't sleep through a night for over a month!! Totally worth it, though.

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I'm so pleased the 'bonding' is going well.

If only everyone had a cat the world would be a better place!

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If you get him a nice tall cat condo, and put it near a window- and put a bird feeder outside, he will plenty to occupy himself with come Spring. There are some ferals and strays that you simply cannot bring indoors, but he doesn't sound like that type. I have one guy who literally the minute I bring him inside, and I only do this on rare occassions when he needs attention or flea treatment. He starts to shake, and his cry rivals any opera singer in existence today! He will consistently cry until I finish what I am doing with him then he will be released. It is his choice to stay outdoors and I respect that. He will be 13 years old soon.
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