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The Purrfect Cat Test

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I found this on another cat site and wanted to share. Information on how to determine your cat's score is at the end of the test.

Is your favorite feline a purrfect pet? Put the little dear to this test--you might take her down a peg or two.

My Kitty:

Knows her proper place (smack dab in the middle of the king-sized bed, between the other occupants.)
Practices home improvement--carefully lines up the claw marks on the furniture.

Greets important company properly--the white cats jumps on the lap of Mr. Black Suit, the black one adorns the white velvet lap of his wife.
Helps clean the dishes (sometimes when company is still eating).
Practices time management--eats, sleeps in alternate quarter-hour periods.
Assists with web site development by helpfully keeping keyboard warm and mouse excercised.
Protects me from the annoyance of unwanted cats on my shoulders (by getting there first).
Helps me read the newspaper (by holding it down firmly with a full body slam).
Maintains good grooming habits by washing several times daily
Provides free wake-up service (at 2, 3, 4 a.m. or whenever hunger strikes)

Allow ten points for each affirmative answer.
30-50: Take another look at your pet. Are you sure he isn't a giant gerbil?
60-80: Your kitty needs to attend the Academy of Attitude Adjustment.
90-100: Congratulations! Your home is graced by a Purrfect Cat. Give him some extra scritches and a special treat (if you know what's good for you).
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Snowball's score was only 70!!!
And all this time I thought he WAS purrfect!
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Rosie also got 70. It would have been 80 if i had'nt split up from my boyfriend!!

But it's for sure she has attitude!!!
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JC got an 80. That's a cute test.
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Cute! My cats scored 70!
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My cats scored 90! Go Kitties!!! With the website one, my cats go so far as to type to people on aol instant messenger!
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WOW my cats both scored 90!!!!!
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Mine scored 70.

Very funny test
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Oh no! I have a giant gerbil! Lily's only a 50!!! She lost some points because she doesn't climb on top of people, ever.

However Princess is a 70.
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That's so funny! I don't have to take the test, my kitties score 100% because they have done all of those things throughtout their lives with me!
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Oh dear... Spike only scored a 40...
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Anastasia got 90.
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Great test. I scored Amber and she got a 70.
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