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Friday DT

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Wow...I actually got to start a DT for a change!

I'm very happy it's Friday even though I may have to work this weekend. It just seems like this week has drug on & on for me....I guess the stress of it all is getting to me! I do have some good news to share. I found out yesterday that I get to stay in Lincoln once my training is over! YAY! I was really dreading the thought of moving again especially in this kind of weather. But apparently, I won't have to. The only draw back to staying here in Lincoln is that I'll be the Assistant Manager over an area I don't have a clue about. I'll be working in Grocery & will be over the Produce Dept. I am so clueless about Produce....especially since I don't cook at all & I've never worked a day (or even an hour!) in the Grocery side of Walmart. I'll be cramming all sorts of info into my little brain in the next couple of weeks since I'll start my new job on March 1st. I always told my boss I was up for a challenge, but damn...I wasn't expecting this kind of a challenge! Oh well....I'll just make the best of it!

Other than that, nothing much going on here. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday & a great weekend!
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Well done you and the very best of luck - I know you will do well. I'm looking forward to a week end of doing nothing. Finish early today 3pm so 1 1/2 hour to go hurrah!
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Shell - Congrats, I'm glad you get to stay where you are.

I've just done my daily exercise so I'm have a well earned sit down, Jeepers is running about the house like an idiot having just discovered catnip and my other half isn't going to the Shetland Islands next week because of the weather He only had to go for a week to do some work there but they've cancelled for the time being.......... Hooray!
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It's the beginning of the day for me, but at least it's Friday! My hubby comes home tonight after being away on business for two weeks. Hooray!

I'm going to dinner with a friend and her two little girls so that will be fun too. Overall a good Friday.

The weatherman says this weekend will be a wash out, but since I'm in Florida I'm not going to complain about the rain. I'd rather have that then the cold!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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Jeepers you put me to shame, excercising!!.Then again, my fingers are getting exercised at the moment! LOL

Apart from that, i'll be vacuuming the house, then mopping the kitchen floor with great difficulty, because Rosie chases after it! , then after that, NOTHING!!!!

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Its been a draggy week, for me, too. Good that you don't have to move, Shell. I HATE moving!

Hopefully, today won't be too bad. Our systems went down, for about an hour, yesterday.

I'm going to to get our taxes done, this weekend. My w-2 came, yesterday and Bill has his, too. I've used TurboTax on the Web, for the past two years and its worked very well. Hopefully, I'll get a refund. I know that Bill will.

Rowdy has quit sleeping. She is up, all night long and bangs a picture, on the bedroom wall, slams the bathroom cupboard and knocks things off of the dresser. In addition, she is the noisiest litter box user, that I've ever had. She spends about 5 minutes, digging a spot and another 5 minutes, throwing litter around, to cover it. She scratches down to the bare bottom of the box and her claws are LOUD! The bathroom door is right next to the bedroom door and I can't help but hear her. WHY can't she use the box in the laundry room?

If it weren't for the boys, sleeping in our bed, I'd shut the bedroom door at night. I don't want to cut them off, from the litter boxes or the bed, though. I suspect that Rowdy gets her sleep, during the day while we're at work.
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I have today off and will be working this weekend also. Shell, don't worry, I sure you'll do just fine!!!

Originally posted by cla517
The weatherman says this weekend will be a wash out, but since I'm in Florida I'm not going to complain about the rain. I'd rather have that then the cold
I would really rather have rain too!!! ANYTHING is better than the weather here.
(venting) Sorry to be so negative, but the weather where I live totally SUCKS!!!! The temperature right now is 22 degrees BELOW zero, and I'm really afraid to find out what the wind chill is, I will be staying inside all day today anyway. It is supposed to get warmer tomorrow, but then it's supposed to snow! (Yuck) I hate winter, and I really wish spring would hurry up and get here!!!! (All through venting.)

EDIT: I just found out what the wind chill is: 47 degrees below zero!!!!
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I'm glad you don't have to move again Shell! Wow - you're training officially ends real soon! I still remember when it was just offered to you! Time just flies!

Jeepers, I'm glad your SO doesn't have to go to the Shetlands, I've seen the weather in the UK on tv (we get sky news on our cables) and it looks pretty cold right now.

It's been a while since I posted to a DT... I'm ok, just a bit worn out. It ain't easy raising two babies (Ron just turned 2 this week, and Dan is 2 and a half months old), especially with the double breastfeeding. Ron started to go to a day care center a week ago and I think part of his reaction is to nurse much more than before... I'm still teaching as well - but at least the course in nearing its end. I was teaching today and I have 3 more days during the next Fridays. At least it's all about cats and I'm surrounded by the shelter cats - so I can't complain So far for maternity leave though

Hope all of you are having a wonderful time and will have a great weekend, whether at home or at work!
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Ya shell! You will do fine. By the way my son thinks your hot!!
Baby kittens have found their voices! for 4 day old kittens they are loud!(pictures are in fur pictures only). It is da** cold here in NY only 8 !! I am not leaving the house !!!!!!! Have a great weekend !
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Shell--I am so happy that you aren't having to move again! That is great news! Good luck on the challange--it will be an experience!

TGIF!<~that's for sure! I have about 4 hours left here at work. I have a paper I need to write for philosophy that is due on Monday night, but since we are going to Dallas this weekend, I want to be able to enjoy my weekend...so my goal is to some how get it done tonight! Zack is picking up a muffler for his car from one of our friends in Dallas and we decided to make a weekend out of it (my Valentine's present!)We did get our forms in for our taxes and we are getting a good chunk of a refund! Woo hoo!! Well, I guess I should get back to working and homework!

Have a great day and weekend everyone!!
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Good Morning. Woke up expecting to go to the beach this morning but then I looked out my window the weather is pooh. Just going to have a lazy day today staying at my friends tonight and going to horse races tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good day!

Shell, glad you don't have to deal with the added stress of moving. Good luck for produce department!!

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Thanks Guys! You're too sweet! My mind is completely boggled with info right now...and my body is sore from all that lifting! I'm just not used to lifting 50 pounds of apples & potatoes! Other than that, it's going good. I've got a great teacher & he's so patient with me. God only knows he's gonna need that patience...I've got so many questions! As for the moving, it's such a relief! Phewww! I will probably move later this summer to a closer apartment to my job. Right now, my store is only 10 minutes away but my new store is close to 20 minutes away...so it'll be nice to live closer to work. Luckily it's out in the newer part of the city where there isn't much traffic yet. I can't complain though...I'm just happy to be staying in Lincoln.

Hope everyone has a good weekend & a very happy Friday!

Sherral....tell your son Thank you!
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Hi! :wavey

Just got back from the outlet mall in South Carolina. Serious shopping was done

I am so exhausted, never thought that shopping could be so tiring

Glad that you don't have to move Shell.
Everyone, stay warm! Brrr Lorie!

Have a good evening all!

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Hey Shell, it's great that you don't have to move. I had no idea that you don't cook at all though. You even implied that you don't know how to cook. That's interesting. I thought you were the kind of person that was good at everything. I guess guys who can do a little cooking get lots of points with you don't they?

As for me, my personal life isn't going well and that's what is on my mind a lot today. I've tried dating a lot of women in the past year or so and practically all of them really fell for me, but I wasn't falling for them. I'm not sleazy or egotistical enough to lead them on either, so I've kept almost none of them as friends, and as a result, I have nothing. I've had some real chemistry far in the past, but not as much chemistry and love as I had with my ex-girlfriend. She's been torturing me on and off with seemingly false hopes, as she's certainly been having trouble dealing with it herself. It's not a clear case of one-sided love. That's what makes it so hard and why it will still be on my mind next Friday. It's like those damned chick flicks where we see two lovers that should be together, but can't, or won't be for some reason that tears into the hearts and minds of the viewers. -movies like Washington Square... Which brings me to a question: Why do women clamour to see films like this for a "good cry"? Isn't life real enough?
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Is it really Friday? Wow, I've really been in a fog. Today I feel much better but am still really sleepy all the time. My fever seems to have stayed down since last night and I haven't up-chucked in about 24 hours! Tomorrow I have to go in to work. But it shouldn't be too stressful (I hope).

I needed to go get Miss Hallie some more k/d at the vet's but didn't have the energy even to get dressed! I gave her the last 1/2 can today so she can wait till tomorrow. She does have k/d dry though so she won't suffer!

Shell, glad you get to stay put. I'm sure you'll learn about produce real fast. Maybe it will inspire you to learn to cook!

I'm going back to bed for another nap! Nite-nite.
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Thanks everyone! Today was a rough day in the Produce Dept! Luckily, after just a few hours over there I'm getting familiar with the products. I'm afraid tomorrow will completely kick my butt though. We have inventory every month on the last day, so I get the joy of helping tomrrow! The crappy part of it is that I don't have to work until 6pm & I don't get to leave until we're finished....so that could be 1:30am or so. Luckily, I've got Sunday off to recoupe a bit! It'll be a challenge and a half, but I'll make it one way or another.

Well...signing off for the night. Thanks again everyone & have a great night!
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