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I need a name for my new kitty

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I took my new tortie, Hannah Mae to the vet yesterday. Well, lo and behold, Hannah Mae is a BOY!!!! He is a polydactyl male tortie, which is rare. So now I have to come up with a new name.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

I started a poll with a couple I think might fit. Keeping in mind that his type of cat is supposed to bring luck.

There are a couple of more names I forgot to post on the poll. They are:

Ajax, Arlo, Alyx and Spike.


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I picked Chance (prenounced Shawn-say, right)

I think it sounds whimsical and lighthearted.
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I picked Elvis - The KING!!
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I'm kinda partial to that too!
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Hello Donna,I like Elvis too

Jenna and Felix:flash:
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Donna; I voted for Elvis, because Debra just re-named Popeye "Chance" and also, because I like the King. . .
(Thank you, thank you very much. . . Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building. . . . . .
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I, too, like Chance...especially after hearing the French pronunciation...it is so musical. And, too, how lucky he already is to have found you!
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I have to go with Elvis here guys.....its just tooooooo cool!!

(Plus I kinda think "Chance" is a bit.....dare I say...girlie!! sorry sorry sorry.....just my humble opinion!)

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I have to go with Elvis - after all he is the king!

Donna - what a rare find this kitty is for you. How did you come to live with him?
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Ok, I'm probably going to be laughed at but becuase he's so rare (I was told by Rene last night about him) that I think it should be TB which is short for TortieBoy. Oh I can't wait to see the faces of the judges when they think it's a girl but turns out to be a boy. Donna, you're out to make us all nuts at the shows.

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Well so far, Elvis is ahead. But I'm going back on the internet to do some more research. Rene said "none of the above". I want to come up with some unique. Clint suggested "Unick" (sp?) since once he's fixed he will be. I nixed that one. I like Versace (call him Gianni). But I'm going to look into some more designed names and will post them to see what you think.

Yes Frannie, I love driving you judges crazy. It adds a little excitement to the place. Wait till November when he's old enough to show. Can't wait till you come to Connecticut.

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Okay, here are some more names:

Gianni Versace
Yanagisawa (Yani for short)
Misha Tzar (Misha for short)
Artemis (Artie for short)
Dylan (after my favorite singer Bob)
McGregory (Mac for short)

Let me know what you think.
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donna, I really like your second list of names. I especilally like
armani and geordi. Those are unique names. And torties are unique.

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Wow! I like a lot of the names above. I have
always named cats by their personality. What is "his'
personality like? Have you seen the Hemingway story about Polydactyls? A friend of mine sent me a website with a wonderful story on it about the Polydactyls on it. If you haven't
seen it, please let me know and I will see if I am able
to post the website on this board. I found it to be quite
interesting, indeed!
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I picked Odin. Cats were worshipped as gods before as you know .. Also, -din sounds more like the "ee" sound which cats mostly respond to.

But Aziza is a girls name !! Aziz is the boy form of it !! Since she is a he, I don't know ??
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OK - out of the second list I am partial to ELWOOD! Sounds funky and unique.
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I thought of naming his Hemingway because of his polydactyl paws. I don't know. Geordi is cute. Rene thinks I should name him Aristotle (Ari for short). I'll give it a couple more days. I DO like Elvis.
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Hemingway is cute but what will you call him - Hemi? Of course you could call him Earnie....
I am still partial to Aristotle or Aramis and call him Ari - Michele likes that name too!
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Armani is a cool name too
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Yeah, I like Ari. But it would be Aramis because Aristotle Onasis was such a pig and ugly to boot!
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I like Elvis. My daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was reading the other posts and she thought Turtle would be good. As for her suggestions, feel lucky. Most of our cats are named after food. Recently she has taken a turn tword candy names (taffy,twizzler,hershey and kisses)
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I'm agreeing with Rene and Michelle. Boy I can't wait to see how we all get together and come up with other names when I move back east. I think we should have a girls night out discussing names over a glass of wine. (I know Rene, you want a Merlot and I want the White Merlot).

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Oops!!! I voted for Aziza before I knew it was a girl's name. All of the names are so neat. No wonder you are having trouble choosing. My boyfriend named my kitty because I couldn't think of a name.
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How about Orion?
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I can't wait till you come back either!! I keep staring at this little guy but nothing comes to mind. I REALLY like Elvis or Spike. Hmmmm. He'll just have to remain nameless till something comes up and smacks me in the face. My daughter suggested Jesse (not bad). We'll see.

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How about Santana? I just like the sound of that name. My niece had a cat named Santana and I always thought it was a clever name. He won a lot of grammies last year.

I like Spike, too.
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I chose Chance for luck
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Wow, that's very strange; having a boy tortie is like having a boy calico!

I like Chance because he must be very lucky to be a tortie AND a boy. Also I read that if a calico, tortie, torbie or torbico is born male it is either sterile or a hermaphrodite!!!

P.S. You can read about it under the Cat Genetics post.
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I've narrowed it down to either Elton or Spike. I liked Elton originally but now Spike seems to be growing on me. He's got real spunk. Hmmmmm, this may take a while.
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Ohhhhhhh, I Like Spike very much. All in favor of Spike raise your thumb

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