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I figure breeders might be able to answer this better so here it goes...I had gotten ready today and came out and my kitten Doku (9 months old, in-tact) was making a weird quiet trilling sound and had her belly really low to the ground. She then started rolling around and pushing her bottom up in the air trying to "push" something out of her. None of the male cats were interested in her, except Neko (all males are neutered) when he sniffed her she swatted at him. Neko just got fixed last week so do you think she is pregnant or in heat? I just got home and it has been a little over 4 hours and she is not behaving like that anymore. Anyone have any clue what was happening?

If you could help please do.

By the way, she already has an appointment to get spayed on february 17th.
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It sounds to me she is in heat . I was told that male cat can still made a few more weeks after being neuter . So you may want to keep them separet from each other .
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She made the started it again this morning, but it only last for like an hour. Neko isn't interested in her when she does it, he would rather get loving from us.
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Just an update, since the boys don't want anything to do with her, she decided to try and mate with a wooden chair in the kitchen!

I just hope she doesn't learn how to meow loud tonight, so far it is just quiet...
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I wish you luck on the meowing .I know it can drive some one crazy , bin there done that and glad it is over .
Maybe you can call the vet and see if there is a spot open to bring her early in for her spay .
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Your girl is most certanly calling. I find that even neutered boys will make a half hearted attempt to mate the girls if the girls pester them long enough. Not to worry, if the young boy is neutered, he can't get her pregnant.

TruBrit British Shorthairs
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Ok thanks, the boys don't want her around them, so she just backs up to the chair and cat tree. I am so glad she doesn't really know hot to meow!
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