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I feed my cats a raw meat diet.I use organic ground turkey and add Call of the Wild and Missing Link which are powders that contains the vitiams they need.Since I started this diet,about 3 years ago the only time they see a vet is for yearly exams.3 of my cats are FIV and they are doing very well on it.My vet recommended this diet because I was having urinary tract problems with 3 of my cats.Haven't had a problem since.Also less stools and not so smelly,this means alot since all my cats are indoor only!
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I forgot to add that I also feed my babies wellness wet food. I bought a few cans of the california natural and I am going to try that tonight...I figured since they like innova, they will probably like that being that it is from the same company. Guess I will have to wait to see.
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Pampurred pets -

I am fascinated by home-prepared pet diets. There are a couple of clients at the clinic I work at who do this, although only one that I know of who uses the raw diet. She swears by it. She said it cleared up all of her dogs allergy problems (which is not an easy feat.)

So, I think that it is quite an accomplishment when an owner can cook all his/her pets meals - although I don't think I could ever do it.
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my kitty gets Nutro Natural choice and she loves it,,,
I cant get any quality food here and I still have to travel 2 hrs away to get the Nurto,,but its worth it
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My kitty (Summer) gets Nutro Max Cat (adult) and fancy feast (chicken, beef, an turkey). That is what she was on at the shelter I got her at and she seems to be doing well on it.

At home, my grandma fed her cats nothing but Purina dry and whiskas wet....It seemed to work well for her. Our cat Frisky lived to be 23, our siamese Toby also lived well into his twenties. I also think that it just depends on the cat, different cats need different foods.

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Aquarius- Before I did the raw food diet I did do the cooked diet but I have too many cats to do that.This raw meat diet is really easy,you buy the ground turkey in 1lb. rolls mix in the 2 powders and feed.The best part is the price of the turkey,.83 a pound. I also give them some dry food,Science Diet,as a treat,just a few kibbles.I do not down other foods as I had a cat live to be 23 and was fed 9Lives since she was a kitten.
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After trying a multitude of foods my cats have decided they like Eukanuba best. I know alot of you here don't like Iams/Eukanuba but it's the only thing my kitten, Zach will eat. He won't even eat canned food. Josie, my adult cat is a little less particular but since I only want to buy one food, Eukanuba it is.

I do like that Eukanuba has enough meat products in it, that it does not have to add taurine as a supplement. I am also very impressed with their customer service, I called and asked them a bunch of questions and they answered them all and offered to send me coupons. I also like that it has 3 different varieties. That will make giving them different foods a lot easier.

For wet food Josie really likes the Nutro Gourment Classics. We've tried just about all the flavors and she really downed them. She gets one small 3 ounce can about every other to every 2 days.
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