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What do you feed your cat?

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I am just curious to get a survey of what all you cat lovers feed your loved ones. It seems like that Chicken Soup brand is somewhat popular. I am curious to try it.
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I feed Iams because this is what the breeder reccommended...but due to some things i have read about the company and the quality of the food...I am considering switching..
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9 Lives
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royal canin obesity (for fat katy) the others are now on Whiskas pouches - a bit whiffy but at least it gets et!
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I feed my Kitten Purina Kitten chow and my older one gets just reg purina cat chow. And once a month I feed them a can of whiskas wet food(useally beef or chicken).
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Right now I'm feeding Sensible Choice and Eukanuba. The cats definitely like Eukanuba better. I also have a small bag of Royal Canin Indoor Formula, which they will eat only if the Eukanuba is gone.

I will probably switch to all Eukanuba when the other foods are gone. It's the first food that both of my cats have really liked and I have tried a bunch of them.
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Mum buys Amber Iams - rarely now - she really loves them. Most of the time we feed her Whiskas Cravers. Her canned food (Dine) which she is really picky about, well we usually give her something in a sauce, seafood flavours - doesn't really like the chicken/beef flavours anymore.
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Purina Pro Plan Kitten - Jeeps was on Iams for ages but has recently decided she hates them She also has 'My Cat' which is a supermarket brand wet food for a treat because they do a tuna for cats and she loves tuna so much
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At the moment Rosie is on her last bag of IAMS, but after reading the report about it, i'm also going to stop buying it.

In the meantime, i'm mixing in whiskas dry until she's used to it, but so many have mentioned "Royal Canin", so she'll be switching to that, eventually.
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I don't feed Iams but I noticed that they have some very good answers to the allegations against them on their website. You might want to read it.
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Science Diet Senior dry 1/4 cup a day each, it's the only thing my cat Mabel is not allergic to (and I've tried everything!).

Mynx gets a 3oz can of either California Natural Chicken and Rice wet or Authority Turkey and Rice.

Mabel gets 1/2 of a 5.5 oz can of Feline i/D for sensitive stomachs.

My cats wouldn't eat Chicken Soup.
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Due to Oscar's neutering, I feed him Eukanuba. he really likes it, plus dry food is good for his teeth and diet.
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Oh my -- Now I feel a strange pressure to switch to a better quality cat food!!!!!!!!
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In the morning they get Royal Canin dry food. In the evening, it is Innova and Natural Balence (mixed) canned food.
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I've already read IAMS statement that they sent to me, but i'm still undecided.

As well as IAMS, "Uncaged" have a stand at The Supreme Cat Show, which i've been told 'apparently' shows undercover videos of IAMS Research Centre.

In November i will be going to the show, where i will be able to ask questions face to face with both of them, and hopefully get an answer to all this!.

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i feed hill's prescription c/d because all 3 of my cats are prone to struvite crystals. 2 have a very long history of UTI troubles, and the other was blocked and had crystals a month before i adopted him.
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I feed my cats a mixture of Innova and Chicken soup for the cat's soul for dry food.

They get a can of either Innova, Pet Guad or Precise at night.

All are of great quality...high meat content and no byproducts or anything gross like that...
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Please don't feel bad about feeding a grocery-store cat food. As long as it's a well-known name brand food, if your cat does well on it & is healthy, there's nothing wrong with it.
I know people who have fed Purina or 9 Lives to cats who lived to be 20 with no problems.

I started feeding Science Diet to my indoor cats about 10 years ago after a bout with urinary trouble after feeing some really cheap generic cat food (not 9-lives or Purina)when I was broke. I had fed Purina until then and if I hadn't switched to generic we probably wouldn't have had any trouble. I like the Science diet b/c the cats eating it produce less stool, & it doesn't smell as bad, plus their coats are beautiful - soft & plush.

Cats seem to vary a lot in what they prefer, and what keeps them at their best. I feed one of my babies w/ a very sensitive stomach (she didn't do well on Science Diet) Chicken Soup dry food and it seems to help her. But it does make her stool smellier. The other indoor cats get Science Diet, and our outdoor kitty (she's wild & won't come inside) gets Purina. They all also get a tablespoon of Wellness canned food every day. All are doing well.
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Definately do not feel bad about what you feed your cats... as tuxedokitties stated, it's not generic food and if your cats are doing well then there is no problem

As far as by-products... unless you are a strict Vegan, you as a human consume more by-products than your cats! Even pill coatings and refined sugar have utilized meat by-products. Just because you wouldn't cook them for dinner doesn't mean they are unfit for consumption.
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We feed Blue Seal

we have found it to be a quality food at a reasonable price.

we pay 10$ for a 20 lb bag of dry food which lasts 1 kitty 5 months, and 55 Cents a can for the wet which lasts 1 kitty 2 days.
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I feed my boys Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul! They love it!
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Definately do not feel bad about what you feed your cats... as tuxedokitties stated, it's not generic food and if your cats are doing well then there is no problem
I agree, Some cats can be so picky it's a battle to find something they will eat at all!
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Crazy-cat-lover - do you think that chicken soup is better than Innova?

I just bought some for my cat to try.
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My boys get Royal Canin Indoor. I just switched from the Adult formula because one of them is getting a bit on the heavy side. Of coarse if that doesn't stop they will be going to lite food. One great thing about the indoor formula I noticed was that it makes for a little less smell in the stool. As far as store barnds I don't thing there is anything wrong with them for your cat. My Smokey lived to be 17 & most of her life she at cat chow. For a treat once a week I give them each 1/2 a small can of science diet. It's something in gravy & they both seem to like it.
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I recently read an article online about Eukanuba and similar others who do animal testing for their cat food. Seems like a contradiction to me!! I am trying to find the "best" cat food and am leaning toward organic which has vegetables and fruits mixed in with healthy meats.I am finding places online to try i.e. Flint River Ranch, Dr. Jane Birk and others who claim healthy, no by-products, no preservatives etc. etc. What do others know and what have you read and tried.
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I mainly use Innova but rotate between it with other brands...currently using Chicken Soup. I also use a variety of high quality canned foods.
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Some of the organic/no byproduct brands are
Innova, chicken soup for the cat lover's soul, petguard, california natural, felidae, lick your chops...

I used to feed Nutro complete care - they don't use byproducts, but I don't think they are organic.

If you ever want to read some disturbing facts about the pet food industry and what is in byproducts, read Ann Martin's books, Food Pets Die For, and Protect Your Pet.
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Eukanuba Weight loss for Sassy and Buddy. Our outside cat eats Iams original. They all get about 1 oz of wet food in the evening (Iams, Nutro, Pro Plan, Natural Balance, etc). All are doing well.
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Evolve is supposed to be a good brand, too, though I don't know very much about the company.
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Solid Gold is another great food!
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