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Here's A Poll Question

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What do you do when you find someone who you THOUGHT was your friend, is talking about you behind your back???

God Bless!!!

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I would like to think I would be able to confront them about it, not in a nasty accusing way, but just to clear the air and find out whats going on!

(If that fails, then I would have to slap them....:laughing: )
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I'd definitely have to confront them, but it would take a lot to work up the courage to do so. I'm so nonconfrontational (except with my hubby!) that I absolutely hate doing this. But if I didn't talk to them and figure out what was going on, I'd worry myself sick.
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I'll definitely confront them and ask why they're doing that?
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I used to run from confrontation and would avoid it any cost, but the older I get, and the more comfortable I am in my own skin, I have learned to stand up for myself.

I figure, if someone is talking about you behind your back, they probably aren't someone you want to consider a friend.

Have any of you had to confront someone?
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This is a very good thread, Donna....although I hope this isn't happening to your personally.

I have had alot of experience with this subject in the past 6 months, since the person I thought was one of my very best friends in the world, just turned on me, and the friendship ended. That's my take on it anyway, although she might see it another way....but I feel I did nothing to deserve how she treated me, and the things she said to me and about me.
I called and confronted her once, when my friend Shannon (who is a REAL friend) told me some of the things this person was saying behind my back. I didn't mention who told me, and of course my x-friend denied most of it, or said it wasn't said in a bad way, but because she still cared about me...ya right.
I got very angry about the whole thing...and for awhile I was stupidly paranoid of trusting ANYONE!!! (you know the old expression, Once bitten twice shy... )
Anyway for a few weeks I was so paranoid, because when someone who meant the world to you, who you would have done anything for, hurts you and turns their back on you like that...you wonder for a bit if anyone is trustworthy and loyal.
So for a few weeks I was scared that maybe ALL my friends felt the same way about me as she did....(for example she said I was selfish, and self centered)....so I started wondering if they all felt that way, and I started imagining that they were talking about me, just because they would be whispering about something to each other....
It was dumb to feel that way, I know, and childish of me as well...I am almost 36 years old for Pete's sakes, and this whole ordeal made me feel back on a high school level again. Of course I now realize that I DO have REAL friends who won't stab me in the back, and the ones who do that to you, have never ever really been a friend in the first place.
Wow...didn't mean to get so cared away here with that story!! (gee maybe I AM self centered! :tounge2: ) :laughing:
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