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Miss Patches' New Babies

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Patches, our wonderful polydactly calico, delivered 4 beautiful babies on January 27, 2004.

Mom and babies are doing wonderful.
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aaawwww how cute
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They are so adorable! What colors are they? Looks like a red and white tabby and maybe a black and white and the other two black?

Congrats to you and to Patches!!!
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Oh cute...are any of them poly like their mommy?
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Congrats! Awww... I miss having kittens running around!
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How silly of me to forget to describe the kittens.

3 are black w/ white boots & a white stripe down their bellies
(2 are polydactyl like momma)
1 is a yellow tabby (also polydactyl like momma)

The male she was bred with was solid black with green eyes.
We are still puzzled about the appearance of a yellow tabby kitten, but we love them all.

They are almost 3 days old now & all have fat little bellies. Oh, they all have found their voices.

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I forgot to add the picture to the last post.
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I love babies. The Momma is very pretty.
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Beautiful kittens and Mommy!!!
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Aww, how lovely! Congratulations to the mommy!
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Its true....there is always an orange one

They are so adorable....
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awww they are adorable
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Soooooooooooo sweet, soooooooooo lovely. Mama's a pretty girl, too.
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I love Mumma-cat and her name!

Congrats on the kittens, they are gorgeous.
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Awww, thanks for the sweet pics. They are truly darling
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Very cute tiny kitty babies!!!

Are you keeping all of the kittens? Is Miss Patches going to be spayed?
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sweet babies! Looks like mom is doing a great job!
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
Are you keeping all of the kittens? Is Miss Patches going to be spayed?
I was wondering the same thing

Cute babies!
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We are going to keep one of them and the other three have homes waiting for them.
For two of them, the world is getting strange... their eyes are starting to open.

Oh, to answer the two previous posts... she is going to be spayed.

I will post another picture as soon as they all open their eyes.
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They are just soooo cute!!!
Momma is beautiful!!!
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