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Hi Everyone!

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I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Tina and I live in Canada and I am new to this forum. I have a tortie point siamese cat named Roxy and a domestic shorthair cat named Sebastian. I will post pics of them later. I look forward to posting here.

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Welcome! Everyone here is very welcoming and nice.
Hope to see pictures of your furbabies.
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Welcome to the site Tina! I can't wait to see your kitties. I look forward to getting to know you, Roxy and Sebastian on the board!
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Welcome!! I will be looking for pictures
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Hi Tina, and welcome to the site.

I also have a "Tortie", she's 22 mth old called Rosie.
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hello and welcome
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Welcome to TCS
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Hello and welcome to TCS Tina. Same to Roxy and Sebastian.
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Hi Tina! Welcome to this site. It is a great place to share and learn about our wonderful furry friends.
I too have a tortie Siamese female. She was born 10-16-03 and I have only had her since the day after Christmas. She is like fine china with 4 wheel drive. She has quickly made it known to my other three cats that she is the queen. And even though she only weighs 1.5 lbs. they give in to her strong personality. She has taken over the bed at night and the bathroom in the morning. She is very talkative and I swear she sings too!
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Hello Tina, Roxy and Sebastian!
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Welcome to you and your cats!!!
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