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Check out my profile on yahoo

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I have made some changes on my profile in yahoo and wanted to know what you think about . Please feel free to tell me openly what I could change or maybe there is a better way to say it . Also notice that is about all the space they kind of give me , so the worting had to be short .
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Hedi... I think your profile is excellent and to the point. Dont change a thing
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My only comment would be to correct the spelling. I'm a compulsive proofreader.

Hobbies: Cats and more cats .Please don't declaw any of your cats - it is amputation . Many cats suffer from that and have litter box problems, due to the permanent pain they have .
Latest News: I got a new kitten, that somebody dumped . I don't have respect for people who mistreat or abuse animals in any kind of form . Please SPAY and NEUTER your animals.
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Great Job!!
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Thank you guys

Katl8e thanks for helping with my spelling . I still have a lot of problems in spelling and hope I have corect all of the spell problems . Let me know if not . Thank you again kat you have helped me a lot
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Love it, it is right to the .
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Thanks Loubelia
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It's very good!!
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Straight to the point!.

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Thank you all so much . I will keep the profile that way
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Looks wonderful Hedi!

You are doing great on your spelling. I've noticed an improvment just since we've been posting on thecatsite! My husband's native language isn't English either and spelling in English is the hardest thing for him. You want to talk about bad spelling! Rashid is a much worse offender! Grammer is hard for him too because Arabic grammer is much different. But he's coming along... and he's only been here 4 years in July.
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Thank you mzjazz , Well katl8e help me corect some of my spelling for my profile . But I think you are right , since I am here I have learnt more how to spell things the corect way . I know I make still a lot of wrong spellings . And I am here since October 1992
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Your grammar and spelling has indeed improved a lot - the power of the internet!

great profile btw!
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Thanks Kiwideus .
All the members in here has helped me in getting better . I need to say thank you all in here helping me and the most important thing I am thankful for is that nobody in here has ever criticised me on how I spell You are all awsome people
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I love your Yahoo profile. But, now we all know how old your are!
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Thanks Hope .
Thats ok that every body knows my age , I was never afraid to tell
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