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Hissy and Mike and Critters (large and small)

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I am up early this morning. I have had a lot to think about and quit sleeping at about 2:00a.m.; so I turned on the TV to watch the news.

Every network was reporting on the outbreaks of Wildfires in the Pacific North West. One station showed a clip of a woman leading several nervous horses down a country road in Oregon, and I immediatly thought of your's and Mike's place and your beautiful horses and other "critters". Please, tell me that your acerage is out of the Danger Zone. Is this fire area anywere near you? God, I hope not! Nothing scares me more than fire!

When I was 7yrs. old I watched our house and everything we owned taken by fire on a windy March morning in 1955. My Mom had to go back into the flaming second floor and lead my Grandma to safety! We were all okay, but you can never outgrow the fear or the feeling of "total loss" that fire's destruction leaves in you!

I realize that even if the fire is NOT in your immediate area; it will have a profound impact on all wildlife and their habitat, and, as a result; you are probably due to see a lot more "wildlife resue cases" come your way.
(I am refering to past threads when you told us of skunks and raccoons and porcupines, etc.; that you have taken in.) If you have the time this morning; could you or Mike come on and update us concerning any impact the fires are having in your area?
I will be praying that you and yours are spared any direct complications.

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Which is about an hour away from us. We are getting the smoke and ash though and I have already trained my horse to accept a blindfold, because you never know. Everything is so dry this year, lakes and rivers are down, and we have hills quite near us. If I have to evacuate my horse, I want him to accept the blindfold readily, I don't want to have to do a quick training session. On the trails near our place, you are not allowed to ride if your horses are shod. The metal against rock could spark a fire. Race isn't shod so we still go for our rides. Thanks for asking, but right now, we are fine.
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Hissy; Thanks for letting me know you are fine. I take it the blindfold is to cut down on the "fear factor" if you have to lead them out past fire or smoke. It must be a great tribute to the horses' trust and confidence in you to allow himself to be led out blindfolded. . . . . .How long did it take to get them to accept the blindfold? I would magine it is different for each horse; given age, temperment, and experience with owner.
I will continue to pray that your area remains fire free.
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Count me in for good thoughts and prayers to keep the fires away from your property!
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It took quite a while, over a month with lessons in blindfolding being done twice a week. I have trained him to put his head down on command and that was our starting point, and we just went from there. And yes, the blindfold is to protect him from any distraction that might be nearby, and fire is quite a distraction.
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