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Check this out!

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Holy S***!!!!!! That is absolutely incredible!!!!!
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Do people really live with snow like that!?!
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Hee, hee! I'm in Germany. and we've been getting "winter storm warnings" for the past couple of days, although we've only gotten about 3 - 4 inches of snow. Everything is a total chaos. My mom has been snowed in in Nebraska since Monday, and a friend in Calgary hasn't been able to get out since last Saturday. I guess it's a matter of perspective!
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Lorie - I couldn't have put it better than what you said.

Holy $*** indeed!

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Wow!!! Those are amazing pictures!
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WOW - I know their true but it sure dont look real! I dont think we could cope AT All over here with stuff like that. Wednesday it snowed in the Midlands and South - just a little. The place came to a stand still and it took me 5 hours to get home. A journey of 30 minutes tops.
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If I saw that much snow, I'd just crawl back into my bed and not leave it. Where is the Labrador Highway?? We got 8" on Wednesday and we coped, but I think that would close down the East Coast!
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Yep that is typical of snow up in Alaska, I remember the first time in the winter when we were going over the Turnigan Pass. The snow was taller than the truck! Mike thought it was funny that I had such a reaction to all that snow!
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Yikes!! good thing we don't have that much snow
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I was wrong this is in Canada.! Someplace I would not live!!!
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Thats Newfoundland I believe. Thats not typical at all of Eastern Canadian weather. Some of the northern places get a lot of snow like that, but being a Maritimer myself, we NEVER see snow like that here. Thank goodness
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That's a heck of alot of snow!
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Whoa!!! How do the wild animals survive? I would imagine they get snowed in like humans.
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