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Arms out

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Solaman fell asleep on my lap in the funniest position the other night. Yes, that is the dog that his back half is laying on . I guess he must have been pretty tired out!

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I Solaman
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Awwww how precious!! I bet you'd sit there for hours so you don't disturb him!!
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Oh how cute
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great pic
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Cute picture :sleep3:
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Aww, Great picture
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Great pic -- lovely kitty!
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the pic! I have seen Simba lay in similar poses like that, you'd think Solaman and Simba were identical twins
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All stretched out and no where to go! I love it when they do that!
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There's my boy!! He's sooooo sweet!
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Thank you everyone. It's not often I can catch a picture like that one.
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Too cute!!!
Anastasia's done that to me before, a lot of the times on my homework, while I'm doing it.
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