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Hello everyone I am bored at work and missing my kitties. I have 3. 2 I have had for years and 1 is a stray I just took in. How about anyone else...
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Only a few more minutes to go for me. It's so funny. I feel guilty if I don't go right home to them. I won't be doing that tonight because I'm going to the gym. I know they will be waiting at the door for me when I get home!
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I miss my babies so much when I'm at work..
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It really stinks that we have to work. I always tell people I work to live, not live to work. There is nothing I enjoy more then getting home and having my babies waiting for me. Everyday I feel guilty for leaving them. I have to get some pictures and post them to show them off....
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Originally posted by mspreen
There is nothing I enjoy more then getting home and having my babies waiting for me. Everyday I feel guilty for leaving them.
I know what you mean.. I used to feel 10x as bad when I only had Zoey. I cant imagine how bored she must have been! She used to run after me in the morning when I'd try to leave and she'd actually lay against the door as to say 'no mommy you cant leave!' lol. Now that I have Saki too I feel a little easier about leaving them but I still miss them
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I'm a teacher, so at least half my work is done at home. I'm generally away from home two full days and two half days a week. My husband works various shifts, and every other weekend, when I'm at home, so it is rare that JC has to spend more than 6 hours alone (more often none, or 2-3) on any given day, but still I feel guilty. Today I was home at 1 p.m., and my husband left for work at 12.30 p.m.. Jamie pulled the "poor little me" act as soon as I got home. He won't accept other cats in the house (we're more than willing to find him a friend, but he won't have it), but still manages to make us feel guilty. This afternoon he demanded about 2 1/2 hours of cuddling for being "abandoned", plus a half hour of my trudging through the snow carrying him, and putting him down and picking him back up on demand (he insists on his walk, but doesn't like ploughing through snow). This cat plays it for all it's worth. My mom calls him an "alien"; she thinks he's just too smart and manipulative to be a cat! We call him our "child", and have obviously spoiled him from day one. My husband and I are definitely his "staff". But that's what I find so fascinating about cats. They can be utterly selfish and independent, but also the most understanding and compassionate pets.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses her cat while at work!

Especially now that we're doing a unit on pets in the preschool I work in. Makes me think of Lily all afternoon long!
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I think about my cats while I am at class. Then I find myself talking about my cats and no one cares.
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(((((((( we care ))))))))
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Wait until you hit 300 posts, then you can have a picture of your babies on the site!!

Wooooo Hooooo, Heidi did Rosie's for me today, so now she comes to work with me!, but i do miss her lots!

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Not that sure as to whether I miss my fab four when I'm at work, I think we have all got used to it now. If I go on holiday, which is not that often as cattery fees are so expensive with 4, thats when I miss them not being in the house when I get back. It is eerily empty.
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