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Originally posted by katl8e
Prior to my own "fix", I would have found an infertile man VERY attractive.
Bring him on, sister!
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I do think it is him. I keep telling him he NEEDS to ware boxers but he will not listen MEN!!!
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It would be one first step to take. If he has a low sperm count, the boxers would help.
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Get him some of those nice, silky ones, with a wild print. WalMart has some really funky ones, at a good price.

One other thing: does he ride a bicycle often? Recently, it was found that the configuration of most bicycle seats puts pressure on the main artery, that supplies the testicles. This impairs both fertility and potency.

If all else fails, grab him by the body part in question and DRAG him to the doctor.
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Well ladies, I know I am blowing my cover of childhood innocence, that everyone thinks of me, by entering this topic, but there is a small error I need of you ladies to correct.

The famous belief that brief underwear causes infertility is a VERY common misconception in medicine. They do not. In fact it is a theory that started in existence with the invention of briefs in the 1930s, but at that time there were still many doctors who believed that you could predict someone's personality by the bumps in his head.

The other common misconception about both mens briefs and women's panties is that it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and such. This argument is usually based in the idea of a hot place (made hot by the corporal heat) added to other factors like sweat and other corporal things, which I will not mention due to obvious reasons, create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Of course the argument that bebunks it, among others is this: Doesn't the person ever take a shower? Most people take a shower twice a day, and almost everyone takes a good shower at least once a day. Added to other very obvious and basic rules of hygiene like not wearing dirty underwear (duh!) then its virtually impossible for such a thing to happen. If the person isn't very hygienic, then I would worry about that. And in such a case I would suggest him to take a shower instead of wearing boxers.

Well, have I cleared anything up for you people? Or have I just made things more confusing? Now, in case you people are wondering how on earth is a 14 year is knowing so much about this and my answer is: Me and Vicky read and get informed on far too many things not considered appropiate by the adult establishment
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I don't believe that underwear causes infertility, but it is a medical fact that the optimum temperature for sperm is a bit lower than regular body temperature, hence the anatomical placement of the organs. While the boxer vs. brief thing is not in itself a cause, if a man tends to have a low count to begin with, the added couple of tenths of a degree could contribute to the problem that exists.

Wouldn't it be just peachy if birth control could consist of nothing more than a pair of good old fashioned pair of Fruit of the Looms?
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From what I have read breifs push them up to close to the body and make it too hot to get the numbers you need in alot of cases and boxers will help.

He has agreed to boxed now because I told him if not we will have to get him to the doc and we all know how much men like docs.

The board magic is doing some good already, he wants me to start taking my temp again. I don't think our insurance is going to cover any test though, so we will have to fork that money out if it doesn't happen soon.
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