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I'm sitting pretty for you !!

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This is my Cosmo,the other day we were taking down pictures and there was a chair by the wall, Cosmo hopped up on the chair.He started to chew on a nail sticking out. ALL OF A SUDDEN HE DECIDED TO PULL IT OUT WITH HIS TEETH. He yanked it out and tryed to chew on it ,scared the crap out of me... I quickly scramble for that nail. I do believe he would of swallowed it. He chews on EVERYTHING.
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I can't forget to put in my other baby.
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How aborable are they!!!!! You are very lucky to have such sweeties!
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Naughty boy cosmo!
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Beautiful Kitties
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Cosmo and Newman are beautiful! Silly boys...
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Handsome boys!!

Cosmo sounds just like my Mozart. Metal, plastic, unidentifiable? No problem - chew chew chew! A good chomp may identify it.
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Yikes! I'm glad you got it away from him! He's way too precious! Both of 'em!
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Yep that cosmo is a cutie, but he's got that same look in his eye as my Jordan. Hey at least they keep us on our toes.
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Aww...Cosmos cheeks!!!
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Oh my goodness, they are SO cute!!!
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What cuties.

not to mention a kitty tummy.
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Yep, Cosmo does keep me on my toes,and they do have fat tummys, Hopefully there are no nails floating in there...lol That darn cat.
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What little cuties.. and very naughty.
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Here is my two precious babys.. My two keep me on my toes also.. They will pick up ANYTHING and eat it!!!! LOL... This one is Buddy.. The other one will be Jesse.. I am trying to get batteries for my digatal camera.. So, I can take better ones.. Hope you all like and enjoy..
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Here is Jesse.. I am also trying to make a web page of them both..
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awwwwwwwww cute babies !!
My nico eats things too....and bites on everything...we just got new cat furniture the other day and he has pulled all the plastic caps off of the screw heads!!

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That is scary.. My cat Buddy was just in the hospital last week.. I almost lost him.. He was very sick.. The vet told me that he had some kind of string in his intestants.. And it scared me half to dealth.. I was useless for the 5 days he was not home with me.. He is doing fine.. We had a drs app at three and the dr said he is doing good.. He also lost weight! He weighs 18 lbs now! I'm so happy.. LOL
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What gorgeous faces they both have
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Rosiemac, They are my life.. They are so sweet to me though.. I am on the verg of "trying" to make a home page for both of them.. LOL.. I'm not good with HTML! I wish I was though..
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Hi your Jessie cat is very cute...sorry to here you cat ate string..Cosmo does that to, so know yarn for him...lol
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Thanks.. I made two snow globes of body & jesse wann see them?
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Sure Jen, sounds interesting. ava
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The file is to big so if you really wanna see them I will e-mail them to you..
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Jen , what are these snow globes you speak of? you can email me on this site ..Ava
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oava, I will have to send you a picture of one that I made.. They are hard to describe.. If you give me your personal e-mail will send you one.. And if you want me to I can make u one for your cat! If you want you can send me a private message..
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They are so cute!
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Pollyanna, What is so cute??
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Jen she is talking about my kittys... I started with this thread
p.s. thank you pollyanna
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What cute kitties they are. I dont' think I've seen one cat pic on this site that I didn't LOve!
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