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youngest kitty always being aggressive

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I have three cats, two are three yrs. and one is a year old, all females. I got the baby at six weeks and even then, she would constantly harass the other two cats with her fighting and sometimes hissing. She is always trying to be right in your face in the kitchen(there is always food in their bowls). As my boyfriend and I don't want her on the table when we are eating, he often picks her up and moves her, scolding her but by no means abusing or hurting her. Soon she started hissing at him or me when we would pet her or scratch her head. She is still very much the instigator of fights with the other two cats who have always gotten along well. I would like to curb this behavior before we get married and have children as I couldn't bear to get rid of her. (She is usually quite good at night and loves to be snuggled up right next to either of us). Any suggestions????
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Well, the fighting usually only lasts until the roles are established. She could just be an aggressive cat. I don't know what you mean by disapline. If he has even smacked her behind, it could have caused the hissing and spitting. Cats are not anything like dogs in that respect. With the dinner table thing, the best thing to do is to put her in a kennel while all of that is going on. We call it kitty jail. When she acts up and bites, loud noises and a firm no should do the job. It takes ahwile to train cats, but it can be done.
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Yeah, different cats have different personalities. My tortie is like that with a mind of her own. I think she's got everyone well trained by now (us as well as the other cat) so we get along just fine.

Never punish her - it doesn't work and will only make her more aggressive. You may want to read these threads as well -


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