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Another Question

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I woke up at 4am to a god awful fur flying knock down drag out fight in my living room. For two days since we have had the cats they have seemed to get along fine, but now they are stalking one another. They aren't hissing or growling but are rolling one another all over the floor and making typical cat fight howls. I broke it up and separated them. Got up this morning later and they are at it again. I dont know if they are playing or not but neither one will give it up. If Sam tries to walk away, Sally goes after him, and vice versa. I dont want them to hurt one another and they arent declawed. I've never had two full grown cats in the house at one time getting used to one another so Im not quite sure how to react with all this any opinions would be helpful and have noticed if I get crabby with them, Sam (who is still not being overly affectionate anymore) goes sulking off to the basement with this "nobody loves me anymore" look. I have read alot of the other posts about cat fighting, but most of them seem more aggressive than what mine are being. I guess my real question is how far do you let it go and how do "big cats" play?
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Sounds like the honeymoon is over, and the real relationship is beginning. It is all about the pecking order (which is why they won't let go of each other) The one who walks away from the fight will know that he or she is the submissive one, and it sounds like they both want to be dominant.

If there is no blood drawn, no biting and it is all about volume and tusseling, I would leave them be. Never having put two strange cats together immediately myself, it is hard for me to say how this will go. But you want to look at the posturing- the warning signs are the tails being tucked in tight, ears pinned, narrowed eyes and slinking low before pouncing. Check each cat for bites usually found up under the shoulder or the legs. If it continues, I would separate them and just try and start over with the introductions. Giving them both a few days to cool out.
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Are they new to each other?? Did you follow the threads on how to introduce them? It sounds like they may be settling who the Alpha cat is. Try some Feliway spray.

I know others can give you more advice. Just hang in there. My boys go at it everyonce in a while. So far, no fur is flying and no blood is shed. I break it up tho.

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I think she just threw them together, I read in another thread. No introduction process.

Maybe you should try to re-introduce them? Keep them seperated, let them smell each other under the door. Let them out together for just a few minutes at a time, put a dab of vanilla extract under each cats chin, neck and base of tail so they smell the same (hissy taught me that one ) and get a feliway plug in for the main room they hang out in.

My two wrestle and chase each other all the time, but rarely do I hear any sounds come out of them. Just rolling around, biting and head stomping lol. No blood shed or scratches though.
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yes, you are all right...I threw them in together and then bothered with seeing how to do it properly. But I was faced with an on the doorstep proposal. Had I had a chance to research I would have done so beforehand, but I didnt expect to ever have another cat. (this type of reasoning is also why I have 2 children!! lol)

I have been watching them alot more closely throughout the day and this is how it starts...Sam is sitting no fuss no bother, Sally walks by and flips her tail at his face, they touch noses and rub on one another, then either one will try to walk away and the other reaches out and bops them. The other turns around and pops back and off they go rolling around carrying on, sometimes biting and sometimes not, but always making awful noises like one or the other is hurt. Then when one tries to get up and take off (doesnt matter which) the other is right behind them again and it starts all over. No stare downs, no hissing or fluffy tails, etc. Being a mom of boys 2 years apart, I am used to stepping over and around brawls and breaking it all up while on the phone, cooking dinner and folding laundry with one arm tied behind my head but the cat fights have me baffled. lol.

I will keep an eye out for signs of more aggression and will try to reintroduce them and most definitely find this feliway plug Ive read so much about on here. Thank you all for all your help and advice, its comforting.
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Originally posted by Abby7625
(this type of reasoning is also why I have 2 children!! lol)
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I am so thrilled I had to let you all know--especially since you have all answered my questions, trivial as they may be.

I walked into the bedroom today and Sam and Sally are not only laying in the same space, but were grooming one another. It was so cute I wish I would have had film to take a picture. I believe we are making progress!!!

Thanks again to all of you for your suggestions, advice and reassurance

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What great news! Thanks for giving us the update.
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Abbey I merged your threads so that in the future when people come here looking for answers to this problem, they will see that the tips do work and there is hope on the horizon! Great job at solving the friction between the two-
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Hooray! It sounds like they may just be "play" fighting. My cats (who have been together 2 years and are best buddies) do the same thing. They make an awful amount of noise, roll around, chase each other but no one really gets hurt. If it seems to go on too long, or one or the other is pinned, I just yell at them and they break it up.

I'm glad to hear the kitties are getting along! (P.S. I just through my two together when I got them too.)
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