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Three feral kittens on my deck

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They are so totally fearful of me. Only one will allow me to watch her drink and eat. (I do not know the sex but it looks like a girl to me).
Anyway...she sits and stares into the house and I have stuck a feather through the door and she plays with it. I put a piece of cotton batting down so she didn't have to sit on the snow covered wood and all three went crazy playing with it. It made me realize that their life is very empty of pleasures. They have each other to keep warm and my food and water to look forward to. I have not seen Momma kitty since December. She left them here with me.
I put bird seed on the ground to give them a fighting chance to catch a bird. They have killed all the chipmunks in the yard. The starlings try to get their dry food. They chase them off.
My inside kitties watch them and I pet and pick up the inside kitties to show them I am good to cats. The puzzled look on their faces says it all to me.
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She sits like this for many minutes. She looks very healthy even though she is outside. I am trying.
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Sadie and Phoebe watching the outside kittens.
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How old would you say those kittens are? The kittens in my back yard are about the same age. I'm calling a resue center today to see if they can help me trap them this weekend.
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I figure they were born in September. They seemed the same size as Baby when I got her in October when she was three weeks old. They are really furry. They seem warm and happy. But they are totally wild.
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We have about 10" of snow on the ground and more falling as I type. It is a balmy 6 right now! It is to get below zero the next two days. I hurt for them.
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They are beautiful kittens!! Check in the Caring for Strays & Ferals Forum for ideas on how to socialize the little ones and ways to provide shelter to them from the elements.
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Ohh poor litte sweet babies!! Can you make a little shelter for them with some blankets perhaps to put on your patio?? They look so sweet.
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Poor baby's
In the first pic you posted it sure looks like a Selkirk Rex cat to me with the curly hair the cat has . In fact the cat looks a lot like me Marquise to me .
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That is so good of you to help those poor kittys,My heart achs with that picture of them looking in,wondering about your way of life.God be with them AND THEY ARE SOOOOOOO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU.
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They are such beautiful kittens. It's too bad they are so scared of humans. They look like they'd love a nice warm place to live.
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ohhhh they are SOO SOO CUTE!!!!!
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Poor babies! Isn't it just the saddest thing when you find cats at yuor doorstep? I have MANY ferals that I provide shelter, food and water for. They are wild, only one has ever came up to me. Hopefully, you can get these babies inside!
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I truly appreciate all the support this site offers. Yes...they are lucky I am here to feed them. I get so angry at the original owners who leave or kick out a pet and let them fend for themselves. I tried to live trap the momma kitty last summer. She was totally wise to it. Never even touched the darn thing. And I had steak in it! She is a good Momma though. She always seems to have three kittens in each litter. I have seen three litters from her so far. These are the first I have been involved in though. But...I have always worked full time until last Feb. I hurt my back and have been off work. I have time to notice the critters now. There are dogs running in this neighborhood too. And I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone's business. I guess I am the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood now. I have tried to catch the darn dogs too. But no luck. And I am not able to chase them at all. Neighbors are angry because I am feeding them. As I have learned...if they are removed another will fill the void. And I have explained that to a couple of them. Fortunately the neighbors on either side of me feed them too and do not mind kitty prints on their hoods. Sigh! It is a cruel world.
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Maybe you can work with your neighbors to try to trap and spay these little babies! It's so sad to see them out in the snow like that. Is there somewhere for them to go like a sheltered area around your neighborhood?
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Oh my! They are so CUTE!

I hope everything works out. I wish we could speak cat so we could tell them we just want to help them! It's so sad.
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I water proofed a large cardboard box with heavy mil garbage bags and lined the inside with cotton batting. Then hung one of my old single crocheted (heavy) afghans over the top like a flap and it also wrapped the box and I put it on the deck in a corner.

I just peeked out and the black male (I am positive of his sex because I posted a picture in "Moon Me") is sitting on top of it kneading the afghan. I did not want to spook them by lingering at the window. I will cross my fingers and hope they try the inside of the box!

I gave them a warm meal tonight too. I heated up the last portion of home-made ham and beans and spread it over the Purina Kitten Chow. That should help them stay warm with the -11 expected tonight.
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Subee, can't you let these kittens in and put them in a separate room. It's cold and snowy out. They need warmth and food. If you keep them separate from your cats, no one should get a disease; it there's any to be gotten.
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Yes...I would be happy to add three kittens to my four inside cats. (Hubby says no way but it can happen) I have left the patio door open many times but they will only sniff at the opening.

I have good news though. They are in the box! All three of them. I gave them breakfast with warm water. I cannot believe that they took to that box instantly! Must be the cotton batting. I make cat beds and my kitties love the stuff so much that they test drive the beds during the entire process from cutting the fabric; to sewing the bed; to stuffing the bed; to picture taking of them test driving.
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Subee, do you have a Humane Society or some shelter people who could help you with the strays?
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Our closest shelter is 20 miles away and is a kill shelter. I cannot take them there. I will not take them there.
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Subee that's wonderful that you set up a little shelter for them! I understand what you mean about letting them in.. or taking them to the humane society. I just hope somehow you can get these babies spayed at least!
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If you have a Pet Supplies Plus store nearby, you can spend about $70. or so including tax for an Outback cedar small dog house. I just bought one for Mooie, our outdoor cat, and the house is really well constructed, made out of rot resistant cedar wood with a sloping roof and actual green roofing tiles. It has small pedestal legs with the floor several inches off the ground and your kittens will be able to play on top of the roof! I've been eyeing this outside house for a while and I finally bought it because it's such top quality, including the fact that you purchase it completely constructed. It fit perfectly into the back of my minivan with the back seats pushed forward. For the money I'm saving on buying less fancy interior doors, I decided to invest the difference in this outside house.

Pet pads and blankets can be placed inside the house for warmth, too.
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Wow! That sounds great. I will look for it.
Today I shoveled more snow off the deck and laid rugs for them. And they are using the box inside and out for sleeping and cuddling. I also gave them a couple toy mouses and they ran off with them as if it was prey. I bet they eat them! They had a good meal of IAMS kitten chow with warm water. And they sat on the rug and cleaned themselves in the sun today. It is so cold here. They look very happy and are much more curious about me now. So again today, I petted, picked up and loved on my inside cats while they watched through the window. I crawled on the floor and managed to get quite close to the glass before they ran off. Their little faces look so puzzled.
I took some more pictures of them today. I will post later after I compress them.
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They seem to be getting more tame. Cross your fingers for me.
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OMG , they are gorgeous .
They could be some selkirk rex mix , the way how the fur is curled . But then it may just have to be combed . My Shanana has also curls when it rains on top of her had , but on her belly she is always curled and not matted .
I wish you all the luck in the world to catch those pretty kitties .
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Look at Marquise , he is a pure bred Selkirk Rex Cat .
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Yes...they are curly not matted. When they groom it takes a long lick!!!!
They do look like your kitty except for the nose length.
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Glad you won't take them to a kill shelter. When I needed to look around I found numerous organizations that were no kill and I had never heard of them. Maybe the Humane Society knows of some that take animals and is no kill. I now have a 2 pg.list and the H.S. did help direct me to them. Good luck
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beautiful cats! your doing a great thing by helping them
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