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Please help my cat

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I know that this post is long, but i beg of you will you please please read it and advise me in any way that you can.

My cat's name is Duke, and i have cared for him for nearly 8 years. About 3 or 4 months ago, he got really sick. He threw up all the time violently, so we took him to the vet and invested nearly 1000 dollars in trying to find out what was wrong wiht him, and they could give us no end result. So they set us up with medicine and lite and soft cat food that we had to force feed to him everyday. After about 2 months we stopped giving him the medicine. And he does okay without it, no vomiting. But to this day we are still holding him in a towel and force feeding him food because he will not eat on his own.
This is what has me really worried now. As of now, he still wont eat on his own. He will drink some water though. My mother and I feed him 3 times a day. He is extremely and sickly skinny and underweight, and he isnt active.
Also, for the past two days i noticed he is loosing his fur. He is not shedding, he is loosing clumps and handfuls of fur from the back of his neck. Not to mention he has lost small amounts of hair under his chin, on the sides of his face, and ears, as well as several wiskers. But i can see his pink skin when that is lost. But, Last night, when i saw the back of his neck, i began bawling. He has lost so much hair that there is a huge circle with none. And i guess it has to be his skin, but its a greenish brown area and it was dry feeling, it reminded me of a snakes-skin or a paper bag. I showed it to my mother and she put some vaseline on it, we dont know what to do. There is red, perhaps blood, under the surface on the outer edges of the hairless area. And today the surface almost bubbles out of his neck, like a dome. When you touch it, feels a little squishy, and it irritates him. Im so depressed and distraught. And we have no more money to invest in the vet to even find out whats happening now.
So im posting here in hopes that somebody can help me or give me advice on how to save my poor kitty, or if it is hopeless.

thank you for your time.

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OMG poor Duke! He is in really bad shape!
Perhaps you should look for another vet. I mean, all these months and things are getting worse. Is there any way you can get a little cash for a second opinion?
It may also help looking around your place for anything that may be toxic or causing an allergic reaction to your cat. What was new in your place 3 or 4 months ago when Duke started getting sick? But your vet should have also asked you these questions, specially since he couldn't find anything after the tests.
I really hope Duke gets better!
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Find another vet today. If Duke hasn't been eating on his own all this time, and now has a lump on his neck, something isn't good.

I agree with Yayi, it sounds like Duke got into something toxic 4 months ago. And I think it may still be in his system. The only one that can tell you would be a vet. Call the old vet and ask for a copy of the blood work results.

Talk to the vet before you go...see if they are willing to set up a payment plan. I've yet to hear a vet tell me no.

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Megan please find another vet, sounds like a specialist might be needed for this poor cat.
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This does not sound good. You definitely need to have your cat evaluated again. Call round, ask friends with cats which vets they have had good luck with. Or check back with your original vet - they may not realize your cat has not improved.
If you go to a new vet, get copies of all the lab work, x-rays, etc so they have all the info possible. Ask about payment plans, offer to work it off, whatever. Check if your local humane society helps out with vet bills.
Your cat may be getting jaundiced from a liver problem, so try to do all this as soon as you can.
Deb E
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Duke! You poor thing! I hope you get well soon!
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If you have a school or University around with a veterinarian program they frequently see people for free, or very cheap, since they're learning. Try a school with a vet program, if possible. Please try another vet, anywhere, and set up a payment plan. This poor cat needs help.
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I hope you find a way to treat Duke... Poor little guy.

I would call around to Universities with vet programs, like Baileysidney said...
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I presume the vet did a blood test the first time you took Duke in? Did that reveal normal liver/kidney etc function? It does sound kind of toxic - maybe there's some sort of congestion/blockage in the liver, intestines or whatever. Agree with the others, you need another vet pronto. Good luck...
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Not only are they cheaper but they are up to date and very current in their studies and new things in the animal world. You also get a couple opinions since it's a teacher and students. Any luck yet?
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I know it's not what you want to hear, but I agree that you need another vet. I understand that money is an issue. One option I know of is something called Care Credit. I don't know if they have it in your area, but my vet takes it I had a $400 bill for my boys recently & you apply for the Care Credit card & they pay the vet, I got a promotional deal where I have 3 months to pay off my bill intrest free. I also agree on asking the vet if they take payments. Just a little tip to get your cat to eat. Try Chicken Baby food. Make sure it is just meat, NO ONIONS. Take a bottle water it down & warm it up just a little. Most cats love it & the shelter I volenteer at feeds this to cats & kittens who are sick & usually if they will eat nothing else they will eat chicken baby food. I hope your kitty gets better. I watched my Smokey get very thin like that at then end of her life. She was 17 & had chronic renal failure, it's the hardest thing in the world to watch & I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Please keep us updated.
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any news? i felt so sad reading your post....

please please take him to a can't let money stand as an obstacle on this....he is very very poorly

i know how difficult it is to find money - i myself have spent over £500 at the vets this week alone but i would rather owe money than let the little guy suffer anymore than he has to
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did your vet do a thyroid panel????? the hairloss and dry skin, vomiting could be signs ov an overactive thyroid
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I just sent an e-mail asking how Duke was doing - hope to get some good news.
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This is an update for those of you who read my last post about my poor kitty Duke.

I thank you all, for all of your suggestions and concerns and trying to help me to help my cat. But i have some extremely sad news. Saturday, January 31, around 12:00 pm, my parents took Duke to the vet, and he was put to sleep. I got him as a kitten and grew up wiht him for 8 years. He was the greatest thing thats ever happened to me. The place on his neck just kept getting larger and larger and everytime i looked at it i burst into tears. He also lost alot of hair from his chin; as well as weight, he used to way around 20 or more, and he now weighed a mere 5 pounds. We didnt want to watch him go till monday loosing hair so rapidly, so my mom and dad had a talk with me. They told me that they were taking him to the vet and that there were no guarentees that they would bring him back. So for an hour i said my goodbyes in case he didnt come back. I laid with him and pet him and talked to him, and cried my eyes out. And then my mom had to come in and take him and leave. I didnt go. I couldnt handle it. And they told me that the vet said that he wasent going to get any better; that the medicine didnt work and that in the exploratory they saw that his liver was a little discolored and it probably meant he had a serious liver problem. My parents also told me that it wasent so much an issue with money, but they knew about the whole liver thing, and the vet told them that a while ago, and they just didnt have the heart to tell me he probably wasnt going to get better.

When my parents came home i sat in my room, hoping they would carry him in, in that towel they left with, but the towel was empty and my cat was dead. My dad came up and talked to me and told me that he watched them put him to sleep and it was as peaceful as can be and i should try not to be sad and be greatful to have had such a great cat and companion. I was sad and distraught all day, my boyfriend ended up calling me and he felt awful so came over and took me out. Ive had a good cry atleast once or twice everyday since my Dukie died and i probably will for a while. Everything is so different and i never realized how much time i spent wiht him until he was gone. my room is the most depressing place in the world and im just having a really really hard time dealing with this.

Ive lost fish and birds and rabbits and even a kitten that didnt even live a year because of Lukemia. But Duke, he was different, he was my cat, and it wasnt because i chose him, but he chose me. He lived with me and he was ALWAYS there, either in my lap, at my feet, or laying on my homework or artwork when i was trying to do it. Infact my art piece i was working on at the moment was a pastel portriat of him as a kitten. Maybe, when/IF i ever finish it i will post a picture of it or email by special request. I miss him a lot and so does my whole family. Its really depressing around here, because he touched us all. I will never forget him.

Im going to leave now, this may be my last post, i just wanted to make sure to update you all who read my last post, because it was requested, and well, i would have anyways. You all are really sweet for leaving all of those messages, being concerned, and trying to help me in my time of need. Thank you very much!

<3 Megan

If we measure lives
not in time
but in grace,
in the joy with
which they are lived,
and in the love
they leave behind,
then we have
much to learn
from our cats.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty. I went thru it myself just this past September. From his condition the best possible step was taken for him. Losing a loved pet is one of the hardest things you will ever go through & I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm truly sorry for your loss & know that anytime you need to talk you can come here because we understand what a difficult time this is for you. I truly believe you will see Duke again one day until that day R.I.P Duke
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Megan I merged your two threads, and out of respect for Duke, I will move this to Crossing the Bridge. I am sorry for the loss of your cat, but I agree with Rang, the most humane act was done on behalf of this noble creature.
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I'm so sorry
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Hi duke, (Meagan) I'm so sad for you1 How horrible to lose your kitty friend like that. In the past i have lost kitty freinds as well, it is so hard. IT seems like the ones that find you and not the other way around are quite special. I used to have a tuxedo cat, I named him figaro after the one on the disney movie pinnochio. He would just stare at me so intently, what was he seeing? I don't know but he was neat. Hope another wonderful kitty finds you soon, so you can feel better. hootiecat
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I'm so sorry to hear about Duke.
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By any chance have you used any "top spot" flea medication on your little 8 year old?.....I'm not a vet, by any means, but flea medications can cause severe reactions like you're describing...flea collars even more own cat was severly allergic to one of the expensive name brands "top spots" and my vet said he never heard of a cat being allergic to them before.........

what kind of food are you feeding your little one?...Nutri-cal will increase his appetite and help him to start eating on his own once also has alot of calories to put his weight back own vet prescribed it for my hepatic lipidosis girl who was days away from comes in a tube and can be purchased either from your vet or on the internet..(cheaper on the net)...i've been all through the force-feeding regime and it took over 3 weeks for this little girl to start eating on her own......after my own vet had little to offer by way of explanation OR treatment for her illness, i enlisted the help of a HOLISTIC vet......the holistic vet saved her LIFE!!......(p.s....turns out that she had a broken JAW due to her previous family kicking her in the face.....and not only the emergency vet, but my OWN vet didn't even notice it......when she arrived at my home weighing 4 lbs, thin as a skeleton and dehydrated, i knew she was in extremely critical condition...and it was a "fight for Life" at that point)

does your vet have your cat on a Hill's Diet Prescription cat food? girl was on Hill's A/D which i had to liquify and force-feed into her...that particular food also builds up their weight and their "system"......

As I said, I'm not a vet...but I definitely would find one that would provide you with "answers" and little girl also lost ALL her fur and every single whisker.....and she's a himalayan, so you can imagine the shock.......please don't give up hope....

Please keep us all posted and let us know how you're both doing, okay?
and feel free to private message me anytime.....
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~soft smiles~
I just had to reply to this post as you've sent your update.
My original "advice" that i would've posted would not have been very popular in this, i decided against it. No one can make these hard decisions for us...but if it were me, I would've taken the pain and misery away from him. None of us are alike, though......but I really think the best and only option was done....~soft smiles~
I, and I'm sure, many others on this site have had to face the passing of their kitties.....let me tell you a story I've been afraid to tell on this site...all because it was my fault.......
I had a beautiful pure white kitty...aptly named Tipsy 'cause he almost drowned in the toilet when he was a baby. We put him in the bathtub to clean him off and he kept tippin' over...~lil grins~
Tipsy owned me for a better part of two years....he slept with me,in my hair every night...he sat on the table and ate out of my plate with me...~lol~ He was like a lil dog...we walked four blocks to the post office one day and he followed without straying the entire way there and back...~soft smiles~ Tipsy was an inside cat...never went outside without me and NEVER slept outside....
One night, he made me very angry...and i, out of my ignorance...threw him outside to "punish" him....the next morning...he was no where around........the city truck had already picked his body up....~soft smiles~ I cried for two weeks...the grief and pain was like nothing I've ever felt before....and the pain still lingers because there was no closure....only me "punishing" him and him getting hit by a car....
So, I guess the moral to my little story is to tell you that you had the time to love had the time to show him how much you had the time to pet him and give him human kissies....thank God for that time that you had with him before he went away.......~soft smiles~
You'll be okay...and grieving is healthy.....and I also think it's a good thing to stay on this site...if you can't post...then, just read posts....but please don't leave....this site is healthy, i think it'll help you with your grieving.......
~big hugs~

{owned by Baby and KiKi}
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My deepest sympathies for your did the best thing as painful as it seems now.....
I just went thru this very thing with an old cat we took in at the age of ten...she'd never been spayed and brought me her kittens (2) once I gained her trust....she was FIV+, had cauliflowered ears from earmites that were untreated (probably for years) rotted teeth, and an eye infection.. she integrated slowly with my other cats and was soon the matriarch and reached a fighting weight of 10.5lbs. (up from 6). we had her for 5 wonderful years, she had a breast tumor and a recurring malignancy in her lungs 15 mos. later.

the fluid was collecting again in her lungs (we tapped her once) and she was laboring to was time, I held her as the drug was husband and I cried for days, we buried her in the yard with her own headstone and a cement figure of a sleeping cat with angel wings marking her husband still had trouble visiting her.....

You will be very sad, but then realize (as I have) you would not trade a minute you had with your pet for anything, even the pain you feel now....take comfort knowing Duke had the best care and LOVE and his time here brought you and him both joy....

Take care...
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when i was 10 my cat didnt eat, but also was throwing up his inards. we took him to the vet and they said that they cant help him. the next day he died. . your cat doesnt seem to be doing well, so cherish while you can.
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