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Kurby Trapped

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We got Kurby the other night. This makes over 100 now!!! As you can see he isn't too happy. This is him after being neutered, shots, and treated for fleas. We will release him this morning.

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He looks like one fed up kitty! Good on you for trapping him
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What a pretty boy, he will feel better soon. Thanks for caring enough for these kittie and a Good Job on all your catches
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Well, HE may not be happy about it, but I'm sure glad you guys do what you do!

Over 100!! WOW!!! Just think how many kittens you've saved by preventing them.
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I kinda think he looks like he's smiling! He's happy because he won't need to fight off the other males in the park while looking for a mate now that he has been snipped!

Bravo for TNRing more than 100. That is simply amazing!
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Wow 100 , my congrats to you .

Boy , first I thought somehow my Jack is in this pic you posted . The look very much alike . Very pretty cat btw.
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100 cats! You are such an angel! Congrats!
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