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Hi guys

I am actually starting to not know what to do anymore. Tarka is really bad now, despite all the cortisone that she has been on for the past month. She cannot walk, she keeps on missing the litter box and going to the loo on the floor. (She has bladder control - she just sometimes can't get in or out of the box and then gets confused about where she is). So I have to wash her in the morning before I leave for work and I have to wash the floor and spary it - fortunately it is tiled so it is relatively easy to wash.

Two problems

1) I am very scared to take her back to the vet because I think that he will want to put her down - and I don't think that that is the solution. She is not in pain or distressed or anything - except when I have to wash her.
2) My house is beginning to smell a little.

Guys, have any of you ever used homeopaths or naturopaths for your cats (or animals)? Is it worth giving it a try? I am not asking for a miracle - I don't expect her to be running and jumping or anything. I would just like for her to be able to walk around and be able to use the litter box.

I am also really worried about her - I have this terrible sensation that time is starting to run out for her and i love her sooo much!

What do you guys think? Should I give the homeopathy a go? Should I call my vet first and tell him the situation and see if there is something else that he wants to try first...

I am feeling very sad about this.
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I am very sad for you and Tarka. Maybe your vet has a list of practitioners they can give you. If not try ringing round a few other vets in your area. Also if you find one see if you can talk to a couple of people/pets they saw to see what they thought and the eventual outcome. Always remember that homeopathy takes time, no instant results here I'm afraid. Also do you have a reputable health shop in your area, they can often help. Some practitioners who take care of peoples problems may also help animals or know someone who does. Natural remedies can and do work but wont work miracles. I know its tough but is this for you or Tarka.
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Oh god, i hate threads like this, it just makes me so sad!.

I wish i had the answer for you and poor Tarka, it must be tearing you apart.

Me personally, i would see the vet first to see what he has to say.

I always think, 'well if their not in any pain'?!, but that's just my opinion.

Hope someone else has an answer for you, but i'm praying as well.

Sending you a hug and a headbutt from Rosie

Susan x
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OH, this is a very sad story

I personally don't have any experience with homeopathy.. but I do think you should really have her looked at by the vet again. Perhaps they can give more advice first. I have heard that often cats hide their pain and suffering, so I would not go by your own judgement. I know you love your kittie dearly.. I think for the sake of her health, you should at least get a second opinion. Perhaps try another vet ..

I wish you all the best with your kittie. I really feel for you. I went through a similar problem with a bunnie I owned a few years ago. She lost control of her back legs and was dragging them around. She still gobbled down her food, and still acted normal, other than the feet thing. I just felt terribly for her. I had her to numerous vets, and there was nothing they could do unfortunately... I hope this is not the case with your kittie.. I know vets don't deal with domestic animals very often, so i'm sure the issue with your cat is a bit more common than my bunnie's problem. SO don't let that discourage you.

I wish you all the best.. i'm sending prayers for your baby.

Keep us up to date on it. I'm interested to hear how you get along
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Thanks guys.

I think that it is for both of us at the moment. She is not in any pain and is not suffering. But if I cannot give her a better quality of life then I have to consider what is best for her. With my Munchie boy (who died under anaesthetic last year in April), the decision was taken out of my hands. But while she is still so happy and content - I do think that I need to at least give her a chance.

But I know what you mean - it is also for me. *sniff*
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Sorry Aiko, just saw your post now. The vet also says that she isn't in pain and seems quite content. I am actually seeing two vets at the moment - my normal one and then a specialist. I have just left a message for the specialist. The problem is that the last time i was there he said that he hoped that it didn't get worse. But I will see what he says again now.

Unfortunately it is a very rare thing to happen in cats - essentially a congenital problem. :-(
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I just spoke to the specialist. I have to up her meds quite drastically and then call him on Monday to see how she has reacted. But he says that we can certainly look at something like accupuncture - but he wants to see how she goes on the cortisone first. :-) I feel a little better.
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Thats's great to hear!.

I'm praying it works for her. Let us know how she is on monday.

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Well that is good to hear

I hope Tarka starts feeling better soon. me & my kitties are sending prayers your way.
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good - dont lose heart. Confidence and a forward looking attitude is needed now. You are both in my thoughts at this time. Acupuncture is a very highly thought of 'medication' (cant think of any other word for it)
Keep us up updated.
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I've used homeopathy for a long time and it can work miracles at times, but if it's a structural problem and/or has been a long time coming on, then it won't cure the problem. It may reduce the symptoms, though. Cortisone is for inflamation, correct? Do you know exactly what's causing the problem?
I hope you can find a solution to help her.
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She is just gettng progressively weaker. I have to take her to the specialist on Monday. I am feeling very sad and scared.

I just hope I have the strength to do the right thing if that is what is required.

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Shadowfein, Tarka is in my thoughts. I'm so sorry you're going through all of this (((hugs)))
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I am so sorry to hear that Tarka is not doing well You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. Here is a {{{{HUG}}}} for you both.
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Sending positive vibes to you and Tarka. Please update us after you take Tarka to the specialist.
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I am so sorry Tarka is not doing well (((HUGS)))

I will say a prayer for her
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OOOOOOOOO...poor Tarka. Please give her hugs and scritches, and keep us posted. You'll both be in my prayers.
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Shadow I merged your posts so there is some history about this cat for the people reading it, I also moved you to Health and Nutrition so that our cat experts might see this.
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I'm very sorry that Tarka's health is failing. I hope you can find a solution quickly. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience in homeopathy to share with you. But you'll both be in my thoughts.
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how is Tarka now? i couldn't help worrying for her...
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Your poor little must be hearbreaking to see her so sick. How is your cat now? I just wanted to say that just because a Vet wants to put down YOUR cat does not mean that you have to. It's your decision. I dont know what a homeopathy is so I really dont' have any advice.
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There is a homeopathic animal web site called You kinda have to know what's wrong and what you want but they also have an email that you can use to ask questions and note problems. Maybe they can give you some advise. Feel free to seek a second opinion from another vet. Good luck and keep us posted
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Well, first off, she has lost 200g. Not much in the greater scheme of things (she now weighs 4,7kgs) but it is a start. Although she constantly tells me that she is starving and a bag of bones, she is losing weight and that is good. We need to try and get it down to 3,5 - 3,7. So that is great stuff.

The vet wants to reduce the cortisone now, and then see how the accupuncture goes. But we discussed getting her a cart and he says that is a great idea. So, I am busy researching that now. But it looks like she will be getting her very own wheels! She will be mobile. And they assist with rehab! So maybe it will help overall as well!

So, I feel a lot better. Not so blue anymore!

Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts!
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Well done Tarka. Glad the outlook is positive
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