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What a day - I NEED to vent!!!!!

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So .. my Thursday is not starting off so well! This morning I was late for work... because my boyfriend got the car stuck in our own driveway... because our plow guy hasn't been in about a week. So that is minor.. but I just got a phone call from my boyfriend saying he just got to work (an hr and a half after he's supposed to be there).. He says he then went into the ditch.. on his way to work.. I guess some stupid owner left their dog on the loose. He said he missed it by a half a foot, and then fish taled into the ditch.. and i mean Wayyyy into the ditch. He said after he went in the ditch ANOTHER dog went running onto the road, and a lady swirved to miss it and she almost went into the ditch. So Jeff calls the towing company to get him to come pull him out - $60 later he's got his car out of the ditch. While waiting for the tow company to come, he followed the dogs to their house and banged on the door until someone answered. Jeff told them the situation and said keep your dogs tied up. Our road is extremely busy.. not to mention has alot of whiteouts and drifting in the winter and is no place to let your dog run free. The owner didn't even apologize, and shut the door. Jeff went back & waited by his car, and i guess the owner got in his truck and drove RIGHT PAST him.. did not stop to say anything, ask if he needed help.. nothing. This makes me soooooo mad! People who let their dogs run loose like that do not deserve to own dogs! If your dog cannot stay on your property on its own... tie it up! I told him to stick the invoice for his tow job in the guy's mailbox and leave a note saying if I see your dogs on the road again, I'm calling the SPCA. Ughhh! this makes me soooo mad! Perhaps the SPCA will not even do anything, but according to their website...
"I will respect local animal control bylaws. I will always keep my pet under my care and control when off my property. I will not allow my pet to run at-large or disturb the neighbors" is one of the rules to dog/pet owning... Ooh, i'm just so angry!!! We are just lucky that we have found no damage to Jeff's car (so far).. that's all we need is a mechanic bill on top of this!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!
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Glad you got that lot out! Some people are so iresponsible. Glad Jeff was okay - that would of really tipped the scales. Maybe the day gets better as it goee on - fingers crossed.
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I agree, there are so many iresponsible , not to mention ignorant people around.

Pleased everyones ok though!.

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I hope that your day gets better!
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I hope your day gets better and I'm glad your boyfriend is okay.
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