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Big Hug for Pamela

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Hi everyone, Pamela just wanted to let you know not to worry if you don't see her checking in for a little while. It's too painful right now for her to come on TCS. She needs some time to recover from the heartbreaking loss of one of her ferals, Giles. She is still in shock at the unexpected outcome (FIV+PTS), and worried sick about her other ferals. You can read about it here on Injured Feral.

Pamela, I'm missing you already, and I'm hoping-hoping-hoping that you can feel strong enough to come back really soon. Whenever you're ready. Meantime, sending you **many consoling thoughts** and (((BIG HUGS))).
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((((((((((((((( PAMELA )))))))))))))))))

Please dont beat yourself up girl.. you did the only thing you could. Chat me up anytime ok!!!!
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BIG HUGS to you Pamela.. I haven't read this thread(I don't recall) so I'll be reading it now, Come back in your own time but remember we're always here for you.
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I havent read it yet either, but please come back soon.

Remember, we all have one thing in common here, our babies!:. so we can all understand how your feeling.

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Oh no! I am so sorry Pamela. I hope you are okay and you are in my thoughts.

Mega hug to you

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Pamela, I posted in the Injured Feral thread, but I'm just sending more hugs.

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Pamela, my heart truly goes out to you. We love you here, and will miss you tremendously until you can come back.
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I just read the thread about Giles , I am so sorry this happened to you. I know I dont know you very well but I just have to say you did a wonderful loving thing based on the info you had , yes you will feel sadness but never feel badly for what you did you did it with love and thats what counts the most.
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heres a huge hug from the UK to you from me. Take all the time you need and look forward to seeing you back when you are ready.

Love to you

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Hello.. I wanted to THANK you all for the kind words u've posted here AND sending me PM's, E cards, and personal emails... It really means a lot to me that u guys have taken time to let me know that u really care...

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You obviously are a very caring person with a big heart...i am so sorry you have to go through this...i hope you know you did all you could...
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YAY!!! Pamela!! Good to see ya back! Glad your heart is healing a bit. Love you lots.
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((((((((( Pamela )))))))))
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