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hi all from carolkat

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Just wanted to say hi to everyone, I am a new member and this is my first post here. This site was reccomended to me by an friend and I am happy to be a new member . I have one 18 year old neutered male cat named Butch. Looking forward to meeting new members and their fur babies. carolkat
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and enjoy your stay
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Thank you, I am sure I will enjoy it. You have some beautiful kitties carolcat
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Thank Carol
If you have picture of your cat , we would love to see your baby
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Welcome to the board!!
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Just wanted to say welcome. Your cat's age is a testament to the type of care you give him. Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the site I have 8 cats, my oldest is also 18. Her name is Shadow
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Hi and welcome to TCS.

Nice to see someone else with a senoir cat around the age of 18 years. My Sphinx is about 18 years also.
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Hello and welcome Ive got an 18 year old too - must be something in the water
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Welcome to the site Carol, and your 'Teenage' baby!!

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Welcome to the site Carol! Butch (and all of the other elder cats we have here ) is a very lucky kitty to have a caretaker who obviously cares so much for him.
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I didn't know a cat could live that long wow. TCS .is a great place.
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Welcome aboard! This is a great site. THere is such a wealth of info here it's amazing! My kitties are only 2 and 3 years old, but I hope they live to be as old as your Butch.
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Dear new friends, thank you all for your nice welcome. I haven't figured out how to post pictures of Butch yet but as soon as I figure it out , I will be happy to. I love cats and am looking forward to meeting all of you cool cat people and your pretty kitties edited to add, sorry it took so long to answer all of you, I have been a little busy
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Hi Carolkat, welcome to tcs. If you need help posting pictures of Butch, I would be glad to help, just email me He's obviousely living an excellent life.

(Sorry for the late welcome)
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Drat it, you did join and I haven't been here to see ! Sigh, guess that means I need to start checking the New Members Area more often, huh?
Cindy, your diet sister
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Thanks for the welcome, I was pretty sure you would see me sooner or later, hee hee Carolcat
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