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Abyssinian in MA shelter needs a home ASAP!

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Immediate foster care is needed for an Aby in a Massachusetts shelter.
This is a spayed ruddy female, declawed and 7 years old. She was
surrendered because she did not get along with an older cat she lived

Her name is Shelby and she is not doing well at all in the shelter. She was surrendered yesterday and needs to be removed immediately. If nobody can foster her, the breeder will take her back but needs to have her transported to her as the breeder can't drive. It is about an hour's drive from the shelter. (she no longer is breeding)

Contact info:

Carol McCutcheon
National Abyssinian Rescue
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Sue , where in Massachusetts ? I have some relative living there and in Vermont . I could email my niece to see if she would be interested .
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I don't know where in MA. I will PM you with the contact person's phone number and you can find out. Good luck!
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I will be in Boston, Mass. on this coming Tuesday, I don't know if the cat is near there. I foster for my local humane society, but I currently have an empty room. Let me know if I can be of any help.
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I think you have to fill out a aplication and you can find it on the link Sue posted . Maybe also if you send the person a email direct about your interest in fostering , I am sure she/he will contact you right away .
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Any update on this cat? I live in north central MA (north of Worcester). Is she still in the shelter?
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I e-mailed the contact but I never got a reply from her. The cats info is not up on their site. Maybe the breeder got her.
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If you are interested you will have to fill out a aplication on the link Mom of 10 Cats provited . There you also can click on the link to fill aout a aplication for fostering .
This is a rescue group and would not give a aby into a breeding program .
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I meant the breeder that was responsible for her, not to breed her. A good breeder takes back the animals that they have created if there is a reason.
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ooops , sorry about that .
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I did not receive an update on that particular Aby. I hope and pray she is in a good, safe place. If she wasn't, there likely would have been another plea from the Aby Rescue for her. If I do hear anything, I will let you know. Thank you for remembering her.
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The Aby female is now in a foster care . She needs to be a only cat and don't like any other cats . So if any body is interested you need to fill out a aplication form first . That is with any of the abys you may be interested .
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