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Did you ever see Rush Hour 2? Was it good? I looked for a review from you but couldn't find one.. but then again.. I'm a total dork and prolly over looked it
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I didn't!

I'm falling so far behind in my movie watching, now I need to see American Pie 2, and The Others.
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Not to intrude on this thread but I went and saw Rush Hour 2 and I thought it was really good
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no worries, I've been looking for reviews!
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AP isn't the only one that was looking for reviews.. I really wanna see Rush Hour 2. American Pie 2 is supposed to be HILARIOUS! I can't wait... I don't know anything about "The Others".. someone clue me in here?
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I've heard that Rush Hour 2 was better than 1, but you had to see 1. I've seen neither. American Pie 2 I heard was "cute", but very predictable. I wasn't too high on the first one.
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I went and saw Rush Hour 2 with my best friend who had not seen the first one. She really liked it and said she didn't have any trouble understanding the movie even though she didn't see the first one. I have heard that The Others is really good and really scary and that the ending will really surprise you - I really want to see this movie!!! (really, really, really - did I say really enough )
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