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As some of you know our kitty was a stray and had her spay operation today , Im looking for tips on trust building with her after she heals , my husband and I are a little worried that she may have some trust issues when she gets home.

We have recently found out more of her history it seems she used to live across the street, they kicked her out , another family in our multi family home took her in , and then kicked her out people in the building would let her in feed her and you guessed it kicked her out. Everytime we open our front door she gets this body posture and runs away from it.

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The quickest way to establish trust is to build a routine around this cat and stick to it. Play with her at certain times during the day, feed her certain times, always in the same place- the rest will grow with time as she spends more of it with you. Don't scare her or hurt her, and you should be fine.
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I always find that to talk to them in a soft voice and to hold your hand out to them so 'they' come to you, instead of pushing yourself onto them works. That way they can build up their trust with you.

The poor baby's been passed from pillar to post!. Thank goodness she has a loving home with you and your husband.

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Poor Kitty! First, I think you have a good start once you bring her home from the vet. Usually, they are so thankful to get out of the EVIL vet's office that whoever "saves" them is their favorite person. Other than that, I think the suggestion of the schedule is a great one. Cats love routine. Get into a routine and stick to it.
Of course, just love her and show her you love her and she will come to trust you.
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thank you all , we pick her up in about 2 hours , I cant wait to see her , my husband and I have turned into big mush balls over this kitty
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My cat had at least 4 homes prior to staying with me. She was about 10 months old when I got her. I made sure she had food, water, and fresh litter. I let her roam around my apartment but did not make any attempts to pet her or make any sudden movements which might startle her. I let her come to me on "her" terms and slowly adjust to her new surroundings. I definitely think playtime helped to reinforce a positive experience with her.
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Dana - how did it go picking up Patches??? I'm sure she's groggy from the anethetic and all, but is all OK otherwise??
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