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Wednesday Daily Thread

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I haven't seen a daily thread in awhile...

How is everyone?!

I have been super busy since last week. I have been helping a friend that lives in Ohio and it took me over 2 weeks to find him a place to live down here because my husband's company hired him. He'll be moving in after Sunday though...he doesn't want to be here this weekend because it will be chaotic with the Super Bowl...by the way--I am not going anywhere this weekend...Houston is suppose to be a mad house! School started last week and I have been trying to settle down with that. I am taking 2 classes (6 hours) and I believe that my Philosophy class is going to kick my butt! Zack was reading over what I had to do for my assignment last night...and he just laughed! I will enjoy it though--I like a challange! My mom and Doug set their wedding date officially--July 17th!! Well, I am glad I get the chance to come in here still and surf the site!

Have a great day everyone!
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it's not exactly wed over here in singapore.. it's thursday morning...and it has been raining.. dun quite enjoy the rain though cos it prob means the monsoon is not over yet and prob have a really hot season later this yr...at least i still have my eeyore with me in the office...

the week has been pretty ok.. last few weeks at work and I couldn't be much more happier to move outta here... been searching for a job and nothing much at the moment.. did a tarot reading and it said that I'll prob get a job soon... so keep your fingers crossed...

so much abt me.. how abt you guys?? How did the day go for you guys?
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Wednesday night...my night to myself. So what am I doing? Sitting on the computer, doing research on State Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs and checking in TCS. Yup, I'm pathetic!

This week is going SO slow! Of course, it doesn't help that all day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday. So I'm ready for the weekend even though the week isn't.
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It's Wednesday night here and I just got home from the hospital. I haven't felt well at all the last 2 days. Today I went to my doctor and she had her P.A. take me directly to the hospital for IV fluids and medications. Now I'm just very tired.

Nothing much else going on here. Oh... I finally found the new Science Diet K/D minced chicken food for Hallie. And she likes it! It's the only kidney diet food I've found that she'll eat. Now that her weight is up closer to normal she is slowly being switched to a full kidney diet. HOpefully that will keep her with me longer! I have to stop free feeding the others though. That is going to be hard. Anyone have any thoughts on that? If I continue to free feed the others then I risk Hallie eating regular food as well. I know it must sound silly that I'm worried about stopping the free feeding. But Peaches, Henrietta and Carmella have always free fed and it will be quite a change for them.

Ok friends! I have to scoot my sick butt into bed and rest. G'night.
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Feel better please Tammie.... okay, here is my update. We here in IL had the pleasure of getting 3-5 inches of snow dumped on us. along with the snow, it has been verrry cold, especially last night. The temp overnight and this morning was a big fat O!!.... I have good news also!! My Dad is out of the hospital!! YEAH!! I called him last saturday and he is convelesing at home. my workplace got painted today also. Thats all my news !!
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oh boy, Tamme.. you ok? better get some good rest...

as for free feeding, my kids used to be free fed but now i only feed them when they are hungry cos they are getting overweight.. they couldn't quite get used to it at first but it's ok now..
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Sandra, it looks like you got the tail end of the storm that passed through here on Sunday & Monday. We got a total of 14 inches here & when I got off work today at 5, it was -4 degrees! I think it's supposed to get down to -15 tonight...I'm sure the girls will be snuggling with me for the night!

Tammie, hope you're feeling better soon! Dang girl...sounds like you've been through the ringer lately!

Heidi, pathetic? Naw!

Kate, hope the cards were right & you'll get that dream job!

Candie, good luck with your classes! Sounds like you've been a busy woman!

As for myself, not much is happening here for me. I'm just glad I've got the day off tomorrow....I can't wait to sleep in!! Speaking of sleep...I think it's about that time. Hope everyone had a great day!
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